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New Yoga Classes and Upcoming Workshops in August!

So! There’s lots of new things going on, as usual things are constantly changing and evolving. Whats helped me most in life lately is to go with the flow of things, and trust that all is well in what already is. Although sometimes  I feel the need to create changes that will make my life a lot easier, and happier. I think its a good idea to evaulate where we are in life and make the changes that are supporting our intentions and realizations. I believe that this is about that time!

I am so blessed and happy to announce a new class that I will be starting at TrilogyYoga, which is a Donation based Yoga Studio in Long Beach!

*Mondays at 430pm

**The idea of the class was birthed from the inspirations that arose out of the practices from my teachers Jeanne Heileman and Rod Stryker. The theme of Tantra will stream through the Asana, meditation, and pranayama practices.

********Here is a description of the class:

*Open to All Levels

“When the moon is made steady, the sun can rise” Gheranda Samhita

This class is focused on asana (poses) meditation, pranayama, and tradtitional Hatha Yoga Practices that honor and create balance within the energies of the Sun  (Prana~Life-Fire) and Moon (Chitta-Mind).

It is when we create balance within the mind(calm and steady) and our prana (higher perception) that we begin to access our Agni (Fire). Our Shakti is more powerful than we can imagine! As we begin to access this power, let us prepare the body and mind, so that we may experience light/life to our fullest potential!
For more info please go to:

************************UPCOMING WORKSHOPS IN AUGUST**********************

On August 12th Friday Evening from 7-9pm at Free Spirit Yoga studio, Join me for a Full Moon Flow with live music accompanied by my dear friend and beauty~full singer and songwriter Joy Shannon. She will accompany our practice and meditations on her harp and harmonium, and grace us with her talents and voice into a deeper practice! Its going to be on a Full Moon and will be very Powerful!!!!

For more info:

To hear more of Joy’s Music go to:


I will also be collaborating with a fellow Yogi and Artist Travis Ott-Conn at Omadawn Yoga Studio on Saturday August 27th (2-4pm) for Partner Yoga and Thai Yoga Massage Fun!!!! All levels welcome and you dont need a partner to come, we will pair you up!!!!

If you are interested in the workshop check out:


Tomorrow morning I take off for Northern California! First stop is to San Fran to see all my dearest friends, and then to Harbin Hot Springs for watsu ( water massage ) and hot springs delight! Then off to Wanderlust for Yoga and Kirtan, and another opportunity to learn and study from the divine teacher Rod Stryker! Ill be back in a week with more goodies and things to share! I cant wait!

In Divine and Blessed Love,

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The day couldn’t start any better than with a nice walk at the Palos Verdes Beaches and with my greatest companion Bodhi-Sattva. And i can’t forget my friend Shan and his little angel Gabriella ( his daughter) as we walked searching for sea animals and collecting rocks, jump roping with seaweed, and sitting around the beach creating our own ocean altar.

Then all this other stuff that was very tiring during the day, so i decided to stay home, work on my ayurvedic studies and make some reproductive ghee tonics!!!

I didnt mention the 5 days of Purva Karma I’ve been doing, today being the 5th day. Honoring this detox I wanted to keep the night calm and healing.
I have to admit, i feel pretty good, compared to all the other crazy detoxes and fasts I’ve done in the past, compared to all those,  this feels like a piece of cake! Although i can see how i could totally get sick of eating ghee ( clarified butter) and Kitchadee ( rice/mung bean cooked) every day.

*For those unfamiliar with Purva karma, it is part of an Ayurvedic detox program, which is basically the preparatory techniques taken  (that can last anywhere from 3-21 days -depending on your dosa) preparing the body properly to draw  ama (toxins)  into the Digestive System, eventually eiminating it from the body through the next phase ( Pancha karma). Not only does it include dietary outline :
~teas. of ghee daily, adding on extra tsp each day
~eating kitchadee
~sometimes takra (half yogurt/half water drink with digestive herbs)
which made it feel like i had other options than just kitchadee!

And body therapies such as self abhyangha ayurvedic massage, application of oils, neti pot, nasya, tongue scraping, meditation, and yoga.

Anyhow, i am only doing it for 5 days, and this is my first time doing it. I feel good, like i could keep on going!!!!
But since im not doing the full detox , i am doing a mini purgative tomorrow morn to get some of the gunk out!
I drank this mix called Avipattikar Churna which consists of these herbs mixed together to form a powder:

~trikatu, triphala, cyperus, vidanga, cardomom, cinnamon leaf, cloves, trivit, and raw sugar
(formula can vary slightly)

*Avipattikar works as a laxative, purgative, cholagogue, reduces pitta type problems such as headache, hyper acididty,  heart burn, etc.

 Actually, I can hear some gurgling now, so i think its doing it magic…

Also, as part of my intention this eve to observe silence and calm, i decided to make a reproductive ghee tonic just for me!!!

Its got some great herbs to tonify a womans reproductive organs and keep everything flowing and moving downwards where things need to go.

~Shatavari PV-K +(nutritive tonic, demulcent, emmenagogue, rejuvenative)
~Ashawagandha VK-P+  (tonic, rejuvenative, aprodisiac, nervine
~Rose VPK= (alterative, emmenagogue, nervine)
~Cardomom VK-P+ (dipana)

*Added into ghee so that its even more tonifying! Yeah!
I will have to post a picture of the ghee it came out very nice!

Anyways, its getting pretty late and it has been a pretty long day, so I will say adieu for now. Will keep you all posted!

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Hey Everybody!!

I have just started this new “blog” so that i can publish more day to date information on Yoga and Ayurveda.
Also updating any events that may be happening, that you may want to join along with!!!
Also posting some of my own proceses as i experiment and integrate more Yoga and Ayuredic practices into my life!!! As well as some general things that may interest anyone.
I am open to dialogues and comments  if this “blog” permits.
This is my first time doing this!!!

My intention for creating this new blogging thing is to keep you all inspired and on your toes ready to take in the knowledge and wisdom that Yoga, Ayurveda, and Healing can bring into your own life, and to the life of others!!!

I wanted to share with eveeryone the next event set up, which  will be in San Francisco!!! I will be making a short trip to SF and Sacramento to visit one of my Great Teachers, Rod Stryker, at Wanderlust Yoga and Kirtan event! THis will be in Lake Tahoe, north cali if anyone is interested in going.
So while I am up in SF, i am going to give an Ayurvedic Intro.
Here it is:

Date: July 26th, Tuesday at 7pm
Where: San Francisco, Shannon’s Place

                                                           AYURVEDIC INTRO
This is going to be a introductory lecture and interative learning experience to understand and learn more about Ayurveda and how it can benefit and enrighen your life, and the lives of others.
We will learn:

~What is Ayurveda?
~Understanding how the elements in nature play a role in determining our natural constitution.
~How our balances and imbalances manifest
~How like can increase like, and how opposites can create more balance in our lives
~Tips for all 5 Senses and learn how to cultivate healtihier life choices
~General guidlines for food and diet, and creating healthier eating habits

***Donation of $10 or whatever you can give***
IF you are interested in coming, contact Shannon Rice or myself for directions.
***Tea and snacks will be served before and after***

Second event that is going to be ongoing is the Full Moon Sadhanas:

                                                    FULL MOON SADHANAS

When: Saturday August 13th at 7pm
Where: Palos Verdes
Event is FREE and ongoing!!!
Womyn come one, come all!!!!

In Vedic practices and native cultures where the earth is celebrated and revered upon, womyn would gather around the days of the full moon to bathe, walk in the moonlight, and gather to sing, dance or meditate beneath the Luna Llena.

The full moon represents a time of fullness and completion. It gives us the limitless opportunity for womyn to beautify ourselves, exercise our sensuality, and reap the abundance from mother nature.
A…yurveda and other ancient earth bound people recognized that the moon significantly influenced a womyns bio-rythmns and that their minds, bodies, and spirits were intricately connected to her cycles.
When a womyns cycle is in sync with the moon, she remains in harmony with the cycles of nature, her surroundings, and with her Self.

Practicing the moon sadhanas, we honour life and our womanly wellness, recognizing the source of Shakti and nature as one.

***Goddesses! I have been meaning to do this for so long, and when i do, its such delight! Id love for you all to join on these evening hikes whenever you can!! I plan to do this once a month (or as often as i can go ), so i will keep you all posted for locations and carpooling info!
With Love

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