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Seva for Sangha


I wanted to announce an event that is going on this Saturday Oct.15th over at Trilogy Donation Based Yoga Studio in Long Beach! Its our 1st year anniversary and its going to be a fundraiser for our new floors! Yeah!

Trilogy is a beautiful space to practice in, and we’d love to keep it that way. We would really appreciate the community to please come out and show your support! It is not possible without you!!!

Didi I mention that I will be there between 4-7 doing henna tattoos on a donation basis, along with a couple other vendors! Check out the event link above for more details!

***Also a special shout out to all the Goddesses that came out on Monday Nights Full Moon Hike! Seeing all my LA ladies was such a blessing! The hike is so different each time, but the intention is the same! Loving, healing, appreciation, and so much gratitude!!!
Thank you once again!
I will announce the next Nov. Full Moon Hike soon, so stay tuned!

***Dont forget to check out my other blogs for Oct 22nd event! Its going to be an All Day Meditation and Yoga Retreat in Ranchos Palos Verdes led by Victor Byrd of the Long Beach Meditation Group, and your’s truly will be facilitating and holding space for the Yoga classes throughout the day! Along with felllow Yogi and dear friend Travis Ott-Conn!!!

Hope to see all you Beauties soon!!!
In Love and Moon Light

Moon Basking Sadhana

Hello Beauties!!!

Have you seen the moon lately? Its a beautiful, silver, waxing, crescent moon. Silver represents clarity, brilliance, and purity. And the waxing moon symbolizes manifestations and growth. Use this time now to see what it is you’d like to manifest for the following  weeks, and prioritize what you need to do to bring that into fruitation!

In light of the Full Moon we will take our monthly Full Moon Hike this time to Griffith Park. Theres a nice hike there that wraps around the mountains for about 45 minutes all together, and overlooks Los Angeles at the very top. Its an easy-moderate hike so don’t stress there aren’t any grand hills. Just one at the end, and if you don’t feel like climbing it, no big deal. You can still see the Concrete Jungle and the brilliant lights from the city from there! Its beautiful! It used to be where I hiked once a week with my sister Kathie and dog Bodhi. I haven’t been up there for months, and thought, this is the spot for the next hike. I’ve been meaning to get out to LA and get some of my LA friends out to join me on the Full Moon Sadhanas, so this will be a perfect combo!

Its happening Oct 10th, 730 pm at Griffith Park, Los Angeles.

If you are interested in carpooling from Long Beach, we will leave from Bluff Park ( Ocean and Junipero) between 600-630. Those of us meeting in LA, we can meet in front of the Greek Amphitheater at 730pm. From there we can drive to the spot that we will hike.

If you are interested please contact me or just meet there!
If you haven’t joined us yet on these gathering they are absolutely gorgeous and deeply profound on all levels!
I hold them once a month, on or near the full moon, in a different location each month preferably near water. And we usually arrive at a destination, and hold a short meditation. Sometimes taking silence for the hike,sometimes not. Each time is very different, a unique, special and magical experience! If you can make it, please join us!!!!

*Wear warm clothe, and good walking/hiking shoes.
*Woman only
*No fee required

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