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Wow! What a productive day!

I actually had the day off, which is really nice because it is not that common for me these days.

The summer and its warmth drew me outdoors, running about and creating more with community and friends. But now with the new fall season, I find myself wanting to stay warm and create internally, and indoors. With all the shifts and changes going on, the need to really stay grounded is more apparent. And in that place of center, when I am able to hold a solid and stable space for myself and others I feel at my optimal.

To be honest, I was feeling quite tired and fatigued the past couple months, and realized that I’ve depleted my Ojas ( relates to our immune system and state of overall health and vitatliy according to Yoga and Ayurveda) To replenish weak Ojas, one must REST!!! And one must receive full 8 hours of sleep, maybe even more if the body is yearning for it.

And thats exactly what I did!

I feel myself re-nourished ! I am able to give more to my friends, family, and community. I realize that when we give from an empty cup, we deplete ourselves even more.
Ayurveda states that we must be like a cup that is overflowing with the elixer of life so that we have enough to share with others, and enough to give to ourselves.

So with all this time, and energy today, I made a medicated reproductive ghee ( clarified butter). First I cooked 4 herbs, quadrupling the ingredients( 4 parts Shatavari, 2 parts Donq Quai, 2 parts Ashwagandha, and 1 part Cardomom) with 64 oz of water. I cooked it using a crock pot for about 9 hours, and then once i reduced the water by 3/4th, I added about 16 oz of ghee! Weeeeeeee! Now its still decocting the herbs out of the water, so ill probably let it cook for another couple hours.

*The intention behind this formula is to tonify the reproductive organs. Its heaviness of the oil is great for alleviating vata dosa and the sweet herbs are tonifying and building for the reproductive tissues!

I then made some herbal bath soaks made out of epsom salt and ginger root powder.
This blend is great for aches and pains, to reduce inflammation, and for any congestion or stagnation in the blood. Ginger is Amazing!!!!

I actually made these for an event coming up Dec 10th. where Ill be selling my re-usable moon pads, flax and herbal eye pillows ( very yummy) and herbal bath soaks. I will also be there doing my henna tattoo designs!

gifts for the season
local artisans~musicians~yogis
December 10, 2011 * 6-10pm

**handmade & one of a kind** 
Isthuthi Jewelry ~  Ranmalee
Tarot Readings  ~ Amy Jones
Anachronistic Relix ~ Shannon O’Sullivan

Goddess Glam Jewlery ~ Jessie Fresh
Kumari Visions ~ Roz Fattalah 
Henna Art ~ The Awakening Yogi
T’s Space ~ Tanya Quinn
YogaMala Jewelry ~ Aga Kuska

groovy music provided by….
DJ Dravidian * Divine 1 * Sougy B

Free Admission

This event will take place at Trilogy Yoga Studio on Broadway and Obispo.  Check out the website for more details.

Anyhow, Tomorrow is Thanks-Giving, yet another day to experience gratitude and love for all the beauty that we are blessed with each day! It is when we can focus on all the abundance around us, that that part of our lives begin to flourish and grow even more!

I wish everyone a beauty full Thank-Giving  and hope to be blogging more often! I was really feeling the need to go inwards the past couple months, and retreat. But now I’d like to make more of a presence once again! See You all Soon!

In Love and Light

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