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The next Full Moon Gathering in January 2012

Greetings Sisters!

 For the next full moon “walk”, I have set my intentions to create a womens gathering to celebrate and share the joys of being a women!!!

Really, I wanted to do this in December, but with all the holy-daze craze, I realized it would be less stressful for myself and everyone else, if we did this in January.
So, Here it is!!!

*The evening will start with “The Moon Inside You” a documentary, about a taboo that defines the political and social reality in both women and men in a very profound way, and to demystify some of those taboos that we “believe” to be true. It also aims to deconstruct the menstruation phenomenon, and offers not just to women but to men as well, the ability to achieve a greater understanding about a neglected but very important human experience, our period!

*Following the movie we’ll open up the circle for any discussions or questions regarding the movie and our moon cycles led by Rose Ghavami ( We will be joining forces this evening with the Age of Aquarius Women’s Group that Rose puts together in LA.

*This is going to be a potluck so please bring something to share with the circle and to keep our energy flowing!

*We’ll end the evening with some fun with Cucci!!!
Sex-Positive and Body-Positive Education and Fun, and an opportunity to purchase your next new sex toy!!!!

For more info on Cucci check out:

I am really looking forward to this event, especially because I love co-creating with ma’ ladies! And also to share this experience with all the other beautiful and inspiring women in my life! I’m really  excited to host this event, and to hold the space for one another as we journey, process,  and discover deeper into what it really means to be a women.

Thank You
I hope to see you all there!

In Love and MoonLight, 

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