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DIVA CUPS and Sea Sponge Tampons

I will be carrying DIVA CUPS and Sea Sponge Tampons along with my menstrual pads!!! YEAH!!!

DIVA CUPS will be $43 including tax

Sea Sponge Tampons $7

More natural and womb friendly options for those of you not comfortable using natural cloth pads ( yet)! heehee

I’m going to set up shop soon on my website, until then if you want to order from me, please email me at or call me at 562 338 5255

With Love

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Belly Henna Blessings by Jenny Ahn

When I was younger, It seemed as if when a women were pregnant, that is was forever! Now that I have seen many friends go through the experience, it seems to happen so quickly. Before you know it, a baby is born!!

It’s not like it happens all the time, right?! Nowadays its very common to have only one child, so maybe once, twice, possibly more that a women is pregnant in her lifetime.
It’s a very special time in a women’s life and celebration is necessary!

We celebrate and create ritual all the time without even realizing it. We commemorate transitions and new journeys with bridal showers, baby showers, birthday parties, etc. Shouldn’t there be one to celebrate a women’s growing belly?!

There’s a lovely energy that surrounds a women when she is pregnant. Something so feminine and sweet…
I have been blessed to teach prenatal yoga classes and to decorate momma’s belly with Henna goodness! I almost feel like I can live vicariously through them! Maybe some day?

Lately I’ve been getting myself more into decorating momma’s pregnant belly with Henna designs. This is part of what I do for a living, and I love it!!
Henna Blessings are like sacraments, or similar to setting an intention for the person receiving the blessing. That could be anything from pregnancy to finding love, or an intention to be more open with oneself or another being, etc. Personally, giving a Henna tattoo signifies more than just body art. It’s an honor to be a part of someone’s process towards growth and living. And to help make that journey that much more real or alive, is so beautiful!

To finish off, Ill share a closing story.
One night, I was hired to do henna for a gathering of women and friends. Everyone took turns getting a henna tattoo, when one of the gals mentioned something I hadn’t heard before. She said that when a person is receiving henna, all of a sudden she becomes the Goddess. She can’t move much so she has an advantage to being served and accommodated to. One gal had another friend spoon feed her because her arms and hands were covered in henna. My friend has a baby so when it was her turn, all the ladies in the room took turns taking care of her child.

And it’s so true, when its your turn to get henna, all the attention is on you. And all the good energy is being poured from that bottle of henna into your being to send blessings, protection, good luck, etc. Some people think that beautifying your self is vain, but when we beautify our self, we are acknowledging and expressing the inner beauty that resides within.

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Reusable menstrual pads

Last Saturday I was at the Long Beach Green festival and it was a lot of fun! Joy and I were really comfortable in our gypsy style tent, so I didn’t get to venture out much. I still got to see a lot of familiar faces and had the opportunity to connect more with my community.

Along with my henna tattoos, I was selling reusable menstrual pads that I have been making with my friend Renee. I had them out for sale and what an interesting experience that was! Witnessing the reactions of men and women once they figured out what I was selling, gave me great insight into how families, culture, and society play a huge role in how we view “that time of the month”.

Some men were very mature and understanding, many were uncomfortable and walked away with a strange look on their face. Some women were truly interested but didn’t want to make the commitment. It’s time consuming I’ll admit, but the reality of it is that our moon cycle teaches us to slow down. With all the convenient products out there on the market now, looks like we won’t have to, right?

There were also many young girls at the festival and it was nice to talk to them. I was able to educate some of them on the environmental burden and long terms effects of using chemical ridden tampons and pads. Many of them were unaware, I was not surprised. If anything, commercial tampons and pads are encouraged and reinforced by school programs and television. There is no education on helping young girls in understanding their bodies and biorhythms better. At least that is what I remember about school and sex education.

I realized more than ever how important it is for parents, especially mothers in educating not only their daughters, but sons on respecting a women’s moon cycle. You can tell that if a mother was uncomfortable with her menses, then her children are also affected. They might also feel ashamed and want to isolate themselves from the topic.

Some interesting questions to ask yourself:
How do you view that time of the month? Where do those ideas come from? Was your mother comfortable with it or was she ashamed?

Reusable pads were what my mother used as a youth. I wonder why she didn’t teach me that? It wasn’t until after i started using them that she expressed her knowledge of them.

Our culture definitely doesn’t make it any easier on us. There is an incessant need to be clean and sanitary in this nation. I could understand how people would view the idea of washing their own pads, as horrendous and barbaric.

So I wanted to share some testimonials with you by different women who have been using natural cloth pads and diva cups( which I will be selling soon!!!) And to help break some of the old taboos you might’ve heard or thought of when you think of natural menstruating products.

diva cup


“Jenny’s reusable moon pads are comfortable, durable and comforting to wear. They feel nurturing to wear during my vulnerable cycle time, much better than regular disposable pads. I was impressed by how absorbent they are and how easy they are to clean.” Joy

“I’ve been using a diva cup and reusable cloth pads for about six years. I started using them for environmental reasons and continue to use them because they are just so much better. The cloth pads i particular are a lot more comfortable than disposable pads and I actually feel cleaner using them. Both the Diva Cup and cloth pads take a bit more time than non -reusable methods because they require a little planning and need to be cleaned. However, I tend to have an active lifestyle and travel frequently , but have found it east enough to integrate these reusable methods. They’ve also made me be more mindful of my period( i’ve been tracking it for several years now) and slow down ( just a tad). The Diva Cup and reusable pads do cost some money upfront, but overall I’ve saved money and hassle buying regular pads and tampons throughout the years.

Also Jenny picks out the cutest and most comfortable fabrics for the pads she makes. It makes having my period that much more fun!” Christine

“I prefer my cloth menstrual pads to any other period option. I find it to be comfortable during the night as well as the daytime. Its breathable, flexible, and cozy. I find it easy to wash and reuse. On light days I just throw them in the wash with my regular clothing. They last for years and make me feel connected to my cycle.” Lorena

“I use a Diva Cup for simplicity sake. I used to use cotton pads/tampons and I feel so much better about not having to waste my money and the earth’s resources on something that is going to just end up in a landfill. You can use it for a long period of time. You don’t have to carry extra around either-just dump, rinse, and reinsert.
It is leak proof and can be used if you want to be active-run, yoga, swim.
It feels like a good compromise between cloth pads and disposables. I would love to use cloth but since I have used tampons most of my menstruating life, I am not used to the feel of wearing a pad.
And it saves me from exposing my body to chemical -laden tampons and pads. Even the organic ones still have a small amount of chemical gel that absorbs and I prefer not to wear paper in my underwear! I would recommend it to anyone.” Renee

” I have been using cloth pads for the past 15 years and I love them! I have definitely saved a lot of $$$ through the years, and feel so much more connected with my body and environment. I knew that menstrual blood was rich in minerals, but didn’t realize that they were also rich in stem cells!! After I soak the blood out of cloth, I feed my plants with the nutrient rich water. This is a very healing process for me and it makes me feel like I am doing something food for the earth and my body. They are also way more comfortable and breathable than regular ol’ pads. I highly recommend at least trying them out before saying no.” Jenny

I trust that this will find you well!
With Love,
The Awakening Yoni’s

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