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New Space and New Beginnings

I am happy to announce that I am opening up my own office/work space in Long Beach!!!

It will be on 3rd and Redondo ( 316 Redondo Ave) and I will be in a beautiful Spanish style building with 3 or 4 other Holistic Healers, who have the same vision for creating something Beauty~full and Healing for the Community.

Right now we are working on a name for the center, and planning an Open House Gathering at the end of the month. So once we have that all worked out, I will send everyone an invitation to help us celebrate and bless the new space!

To be honest, this space was not planned, at least consciously it wasn’t. It just kinda happened.
I know that for myself and many other people, this year has been a time of transitions and huge transformations ( inner as well as without).

This year I have been experiencing many transitions, and having to hang out more than I’d like to in that in between space where we tend to feel insecure, unsure, or anxious of what’s to come or not to come. And maybe because I have been in it for so long at different times of my life this year, I came to the realization that instead of fighting it, or trying to “make it” happen, or even trying to make myself feel better, all I had to do was surrender to “it”.

Kali Ma is a mythological Hindu Deity who represents the totality of space and time, dissolution, destruction, as well as the divine “mother” or the feminine.

I bring her up now because when I was “stuck” in between things, she was the one that I would call upon.
Since Kali represents undifferentiated space and time, she is the energy that will hold that space for us to just be. And if we can hang out long enough without having to react or judge the void/transitions/uncertainty, she will give us the resources we need to ground ourSelves and to allow whatever needs to unfold, to unfold.

Our natural reaction to uncertainty is from fear of, and we have to have faith that everything happens in divine ordinance. If we can understand that concept that nothing just “happens” than we can see that there is something grander at play. What Ive learned from transitions and from Kali, is that when we feel like we have nothing to grasp to, when we feel lost and alone, just be!!!

I am learning that surrender is just another word for letting go. And when we are just “being”, than right opportunities and answers will come! In right timing!!!

So I am Blessed!! And so grateful that I was able to JUST BE in that which was unknown, and allow whatever was to unfold, to occur! Because now I have a beautiful new space, and wonderful people to collaborate and share with! And Yes! I finally joined the IPhone Club, and I am getting a new car!
SO this year is definitely a time for new beginnings and changes!!! I don’t know what else is in store for me Universe, but I welcome it with open arms!!!

With Love,

August 28, 2012 3 Comments

Benefits of Postpartum Mommy and Baby Massage

According to Ayurveda and Eastern Medicine, during the first 4-6 weeks following pregnancy, a woman is at a very vulnerable stage in her life . It is said that after giving birth, all her channels are open and she is susceptible to weakness and instabiity. Most of you who have given birth may already know what I am talking about!

During a woman’s pregnancy, she feels full and round with life. After giving birth, many women may feel a sense of void and emptiness. According to Ayurveda, this increases the ether and air element in her constitution which may result in insomnia, overwhelm, feeling of emptiness, constipation, pain, and fatigue to name a few.

So, this is a very important time to nourish mother and babe. One of the main healing tools used in Ayurveda for this special time, is Oil! Yes, Oil!! And lots of it!


One of the most important things you may want to remember about Ayurveda and healing, is the rule of “opposite cures”. We always look at the qualities ( light, dry, mobile, heavy, cold, hot, sharp, slow) of the dis-ease or imbalance, and use the opposite qualities to heal and treat someone.

So in the case of a mother who has just given birth, we want to nourish her with warm and heavy qualities. Oil is both those things!

What I would love to share with you is the benefits of Mommy and Baby Massage!


*Proven to increase immune function
*Helps with Hormonal and Mood Balance
*Relaxing and calming for body and mind
*Enhanced bonding with mother and babe ( Father, too!)
*Builds Confidence and Self Love
*Nourishing and builds the tissues


It is best to use organic oils, such as Sesame or coconut oil. (Not the one that you cook with!)
I would highly recommend Sesame, maybe add a little bit of coconut or sunflower oil if it is very warm outside.

For Mama: Warm up some oil, and massage your whole body with it ( may take about 5-15mins) and then mama can take a warm nourishing bath afterwards where she can relax and the oils can set in.

For Baby: Warm up some oil, and massage your baby from head to toe. Make sure to cover the whole head with oil. Then you can take your baby in a nice warm bath!

Sound good?!

Try this at home, it is recommended for the first 30-90 days after giving birth, and you can start from day 1!!!

Jenny Ahn

August 20, 2012 0 Comments
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The Cooling and Healing Benefits of Henna

Many people in the West are familiar with Henna because of its popularity with Henna Tattoos. especially in the summer time, right?! That’s when everybody wants one, most likely because its the best time to show off your beautiful body! But what people don’t know is that there are many cooling and healing aspects to this special plant. Maybe that’s the real reason why people are so drawn to Henna in the summertime! Check out the BENEFITS below and learn more!


Earliest evidence of the cosmetic use of Henna dates back to ancient Egypt 5000 years ago, when traces of it were found on the hands of Egyptian mummies!
Henna is well known and used in India, but many believe that its origin was from Egypt, and that it was gifted from the Egyptians to the Indians.
Henna grows in many parts of the world, including Northern Africa, India, Middle Eastern and Asian countries, and Australia.
Many women of the Hebrew, Hindu, Muslim, and Middle Eastern communities use Henna as part of Ritual and Celebration. It is used to mark a rite of passage, weddings, Belly Blessings, Menstruation for a young women, death, or really just to beautify one another!


*Grows in many countries where the climate is tropical, and is known as an astringent, antiseptic, anti-microbial.

*Henna draws heat away from inside the body to the outside to release it. ( People who live in the desert cover their feet and hands with it to keep cool).

*The bark is used to treat jaundice, enlargement of the spleen, and skin conditions ( all heat conditions)

*Draws fever out ( Henna rolled into a ball with water, placed in the hand will help bring temperature down)

*Treats ring worms, burning feet, sweaty hands.( Pitta conditions)

*Apply to bruises, sprains, boils, burns, and open wounds.

*Gargle with it to relieve sore throats.

*Tonic to relieve stomach pain

*Henna conditions hair and revitalizes it!

* Dyes hair beautifully, especially grey and white hair!

*It kills lice, prevents hair loss and dandruff.

* Diaper rash ( sprinkle a little bit of henna on the inflamed area to reduce heat and irritation)

*You an use it as a deodorant, due to its cooling effect, preventing perspiration.

*You can dye leather, clothing and skin with it!

* The essential oil that is derived from Henna also knows as Hina is used in India for religious ceremonies and prayer (Devotion). It is great for opening our psychic abilities, clairvoyancy, and reducing anger and irritability in the mind. ( Pitta in the Mind) And it smells lovely!!!

* Great for reducing Pitta, and may aggravate Vata with Long Term Use.

I hope that you can enjoy the magical gifts of Henna, just as much as I have! It has truly been a blessing to be a vehicle in which Henna has chosen to express herself. And my gift has been in sharing that with you! So, Thank you!

With Love,

August 14, 2012 2 Comments
bellydance postcard

Benefits of Belly Dancing

I wanted to share a little bit about the benefits of Belly Dancing. *If you want to learn a little history ( her-story, really) about Belly dancing, you’ll have to come out tomorrow to Center Space at 1pm for an informative and very fun belly dance session, by your’s truly! (Check out my events page for more details)

When I was teaching belly dance classes on a regular basis, I noticed a huge difference in my mood, and how much more toned my arms and abs were, and in general how much stronger I felt! Those are great benefits that come with belly dancing! But there’s more! Check out this blog on WHY its so good for women to belly dance, especially pregnant women, and maybe it will get you to start dancing more!!!

Benefits, other than the fact that it’s really fun!!!

*Many of the movements open and strengthen the neck, chest and shoulders. The inner organs connected to your upper body are your heart and lungs. This creates more room in the upper body so that you can take in deeper breaths( nervous system calms down) and it also helps to keep the heart open and free!

*Belly dancing movements of the abdomen stimulate the digestive organs by bringing more blood and energy flow through the body increasing circulation through these internal organs, making them more efficient and healthy.

*The organs contained within the pelvis are the reproductive organs, bladder, and colon- this tones and stimulate these organs.

* The spine connects to all the organs through the nervous system and the connective tissue. It is said that the connective tissue is where we tend to hold trauma and pain. When we work out the tension in our connective tissues, it helps to release toxicity and “old stuff”. When all that “old stuff” burns away, consciousness increases and our mind is clearer. Who doesn’t want that, right?!

* The different parts of your body are linked to your spine, but the pelvis is like a basin that supports the whole body. Movements made by our body are dependent on the flexibility of the pelvic joints. By moving, shimmying, circling, and opening up the hips, we free any tension that may restrict movement of the hips and pelvis. That means more flexibility to the rest of your body!

*Belly dancing is a great way to connect with other wombyn, and most importantly to yourself. It is an opportunity to express yourself and to connect with yourself on a deeper level. It builds your self confidence and self esteem. It’s also a reminder of the divine feminine essence that we all posses, which is the power of creation, fertility, sensuality, sexuality, birth, rejuvenation, destruction (represented by our menses), nurturing, and love.

I hope you can join us tomorrow! If not, stay posted, I may do another belly dance workshop/class very soon!!!

With Joy,

August 11, 2012 1 Comment
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Cooling Pitta Reducing Lassie

This summer, I find myself, and many others feeling the effects of the summer time heat.

Since we are in Pitta season, many of us with a pitta constitution, or those of us with existing pitta imbalances, are susceptible to pitta vitiation. These heated and aggravated symptoms manifest not only in our physical body, but as well in our mental and emotional bodies. (In many eastern and metaphysical traditions, there is a knowledge that when one part of our being is affected, this in turn affects us on many different levels.)

In the physical body this may look like rashes, redness, burning, inflammation of the skin or joints, exzema flare-ups, excessive sweating, diarrhea or loose stools, etc. In the mind and emotions you may feel easily angered, irritable, frustrated, jealous, impatient, critical, judgmental, competitive, etc. Sound familiar?

I have been feeling all of the above emotions lately stirring up, so much more than I normally do. Being able to witness these emotions at play, helps me to see that there is more pitta ( fire and water) element that is making its appearance into my being.

I love Ayurveda because it is an amazing system of science and healing. It gives you effective and easy to use tools for healing yourself. Most importantly, it gives you the knowledge to understanding the world around you, and how the natural elements of nature ( seasons, time of day, age, climate, etc) can affect our health and daily living. From that perspective, we are able to evaluate what aspects of our own life ( diet, lifestyle, season) could be contributing to our imbalances, and thus treat whatever is the cause at the root!

SO, I wanted to share with you this amazing recipe that I made yesterday. Great for pacifying pitta. *Rose is one of the best herbs to pacify pitta dosa.

I knew I would be outdoors in the sun all day, so I wanted to make sure that I keep it cool. My friend Shelby said that it tasted like ice cream, but healthier!!

Since I don’t really use measuring cups and spoons when I cook, I will do my best at being the most accurate. Feel free to modify. Here Goes:

*3/4 cup of yogurt
*1/4 tsp of cardamom
*25 oz of rosewater ( you can make your own by soaking dried rose petals in water, let it sit for a couple hours in the sun, and then strain)
*agave to sweeten ( however much you like)

*Mix it all up in a blender, or shake it well in a jar, and enjoy!!!
*Makes about 2-3 cups of yummy goodness.
*Great snack and filling drink for the little ones!

August 6, 2012 1 Comment
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Marma Healing Clinic

Yeah! I am happy to announce that in September, I am going to open up a Community Marma Clinic! Okay, most of you probably don’t even know what that is!

Well, some of you might have heard of a Community Acupuncture Clinic, where there’s a room full of chairs where everyone is seated together. You then receive treatment in a community setting. I won’t be doing acupuncture nor will there be chairs, but it will be a similar set up, where there might be 2 or 3 people in a room receiving treatment. It will be a smaller group, maybe even one on one, depending on who shows up. Individuals will be laying down, some set up in a restorative pose depending on what you may need to receive that day. Each treatment is about 20-30 minutes long. I also use crystals and essential oils as part of the treatment. It’s really quite lovely!

The way I describe Marma to people is that it is similar to acupuncture or acupressure. Specific points on the body are pressed or massaged to bring about healing to the area of a muscle, organ, tissue, that may need extra attention and care.

I have fallen deeply in love with Marma because I can see how healing it is to not only the body, but most importantly to the mind. Most people that I have treated, go into a state of deep rest very quickly. This is amazing, when receiving a massage, it may take 20-30 minutes to finally let the mind go. Right? With Marma Therapy, I have noticed that people relax within 5-10 minutes of treatment. I have received deep healing myself through this therapy, and I really can’t wait to share this secret healing therapy with you.

I’m planning to start off with once a week. As the clinic grows, I will expand the days and times. For September, we will start with the 2nd Sat 12-3pm, and 3rd Wed 430-630pm. In October I plan to open up the clinic on the 1st Sunday of each month at Trilogy Yoga Studio! I am really excited about it!!!

I really wanted to do something for the community, especially for the people who cannot afford these types of treatments. Please feel free to spread the word to people that you may know, or who may be interested.

If you would like to set up an appointment, or have any further questions please contact me:(562) 338 5255, or email me at

With Love and light,

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