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Finding Love

Valentines day never really meant much to me. Maybe because I never seemed have a partner on that day, or truthfully because I thought it was cheesy. Plus there’s all that pressure to be with someone…especially if you’ree single!

Well, for the longest time love definitely wasn’t one of my favorite things to talk about or even feel. A friend of mine recently spoke about his challenges on finding love, and I was surprised to hear how he lived in the “dark” for long that when love finally showed up, he could hardly recognize it! As he spoke about his journey in finding self love, it reminded me of my own trials and triumphs in even being comfortable with the word LOVE!Ha! And learning to embrace those parts of me that weren’t ideal.

I think that’s what always held me back from truly loving me. I thought that I had to be perfect-inside and out. I felt like I had to clear out all the “clutter” and accumulate new healthy clutter before I could prove it to myself that I was good enough. To some degree I think I found this to be true…

Now that I think about it, I was always living in the light…but I decided at some point that it was easier to sit in the dark. And it was actually. When I started traveling and experiencing different cultures and family dynamics, and watching people love each other. It showed me that there was different ways to live life and love.

Recently an “old” issue re emerged and I began to re live a moment of self hate. It was something that I thought I had already processed and had been done with. For it to show up years later, NOW of all time, I was devastated. Wasn’t I over all that stuff already? Funny thing is I knew it was silly to be upset, but I was. And I felt stuck.

I was talking to a friend about it and she happened to say exactly what I already knew. ” You have to accept who you are Jenny, and how you’re experiencing all this. Be okay that you are upset about the ‘set back'” ACCEPTANCE has been a huge teacher of mine on this path to loving myself. I was so caught up in my own drama that I wasn’t able to see it.

I believe that we make a conscious choice whether we want to live in the light or not. People fear the unknown, and hide behind their shadows only to confront them later in life. You all know what I mean, right?! It’s easy to love all the good stuff about us, but what about the other stuff?

Remedy: Acceptance requires surrender, and surrender requires us to be vulnerable enough to sit through some of those uncomfortable feelings . But once we do, its not such a stranger to us, and it becomes so much easier to love ourselves exactly as we are!

I dedicate this month to continuing to love mySelf. When we cultivate and put our attention in growing love from within, like a bee to a flower, we will attract just that. Whether it be a partner, or other aspects of loving goodness… I’m also dedicated to holding space for others to deepen that connection with themselves. That is why I am putting together these two amazing workshops, perfect for the Love month that is just around the corner!

Check them out!

Speed Dating for Yogi’s and the Conscious minded folks. This is for all my single Yogi friends out there who want to meet REAL people!! This is a great way to put yourself out there. Even if your not looking for a serious relationship, but want to explore yourself in a different way. I challenge you to come and play!

Also I’ll be holding monthly workshops dedicated to women, mothers, and children. Ill be hosting Cucci as our special guest. I love these ladies! They will bring in “play” toys and show us how to get our Kundalini rising! As well as informing us on our female anatomy and how we can apply these toys to get the best out of them!

January 30, 2013 5 Comments
birthing a creation

Birthing a New Creation

Its been 6 months of gestating and I’m finally feeling like how a pregnant wombyn might around the week or 2 before she gives birth…anticipation for whats to come, excitement, a little nervous, and ready already!!!

Our grand opening is in a week, and that’s when we give birth. Jocelyn Fee, Kailey Outram and I that is…we’ve been working our butt’s off these last couple months trying to get things together, and I have to say, for our first business venture, we are doing pretty well. I am proud of us!

I didn’t know these ladies very well before this new journey began. But my intuition usually never fails me… Luckily we all have similar taste in furniture, and we work remarkably well together. There is a nice flow and we compliment each other really well.

Jocelyn Fee is a fellow Yogini, massage therapist, and is a mommy to a wonderful baby girl Lola Lupe. She looks more hippie than any of, but I’d have to say is the most business savvy of us all. ( She hides her business cap most of the time:)) Kailey Outram is sweet, strong, supportive, and steady in her endeavors to help create the perfect hub for practitioners and community members here in Long Beach. Did I forget to mention that she is an AMAZING massage therapist and a great cook! This gal has got some skillz!!!
And well, most of you know me. I teach Yoga, and I like to draw pretty Henna designs on mama’s bellies. I like to cook yummy Ayurvedic foods and study holistic health modalities and how it can heal me and others. Did I mention I used to fire dance in the streets of Guatemala and hang off a silk in the jungles of Costa Rica with a bunch of circus folk?

Anyhow, this new business venture feels so good because it’s in alignment with where I am on my spiritual path. It’s a reflection of the inner work I’ve gone through, and the work that lies ahead. And this journey doesn’t end anywhere, I know that.

I am SO excited to share myself and this new creation that is being birthed!!! This “project” couldn’t happen without the support of my friends, students, and the community of Long Beach. I feel so grateful to have such wonderful and talented people around me. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!

Please join us for our Grand Opening Celebration of Sacred Roots Holistic Healing at 316 Redondo Avenue on Sunday Jan 27th 1-5pm.
It would be an honor!!!!
See you there!

With Love,

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Stewed Fruit Recipe


This is one of my favorite recipes this wonderful fall/winter season. Its warming, moist, grounding, and easy to digest!!!

*It is important to reduce vata qualities such as dry, cold, light, mobile that might manifest this season as cracking and pain in joints, feeling not grounded, feeling cold, digestive upset such as gas and bloating, etc) in the vata season.

I have also been cooking this for my Postpartum mommies when doing Ayurvedic Doula care ( a very iron rich food), and sharing this recipe with my clients as a yummy snack, or something to have for breakfast with oatmeal. Easy to make too!!!

Here it is:

Serves 2-3 bowls

*2 apples ( you can use also pears or mix both if you like)
*1/3 cup of water
*8 pieces of clove
*stick of cinnamon
*1 1/2 tablespoon of sucanat ( iron rich) or maple syrup
*1/3 cup of dried apricots or prunes. Dates are good too.
*1 tbs of ghee

* You can cook over the fire, or slow cook in a crock pot. Mix all the ingredients over medium heat until it boils and then keep on low until apples are completely cooked. The longer you let it sit, the more sweet and soft they get. (I like to drizzle warm coconut milk on top!)


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Sacred Roots Grand Opening!

Happy New Year’s Everybody!

I am feeling very optimistic about 2013 and looking forward to celebrating it with you! I have new as well as workshops that I have done in the past, planned and in the works!! So stay tuned in!

And if you haven’t heard about it yet, Sacred Roots is having their Grand Opening Celebration! We would love it if you could join us in blessing our new space! Plus You get to meet all 9 of our practitioners, and buy one of our services that day and receive 25% off!!!

Where: 316 Redondo Avenue. Long Beach Ca 90814
When: Sunday January 27th 2013

Schedule of Events:

12-1 Blessing of Space with Juan Sanchez and music by Michael Gonzales
1-4 Open House with music and art by Joy Shannon and DJ Dravidian
4-5 Drum Circle. Bring your drums!!!!

*Enjoy snacks, music, and art!
See you there!

January 2, 2013 0 Comments