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Dancing with the masculine and feminine forces…

Last night I went Salsa dancing…I LOVE to dance, especially when its me and the music alone. We groove! But when it comes to partner dancing, its always been a challenge for me. Partner dancing requires coordination, communication, and balance. Technically, one partner is active and leads, while the other partner is receptive and has to follow the lead. Otherwise it just won’t work! (Trust me, I’ve been there, and it ain’t pretty!) BUT, the beauty of it all is when the two dancers begin to flow, they become the dance and there seems to be no more “roles” or duality, just oneness!

It’s always been a challenge for me to surrender to the lead. Probably because I’ve been used to dancing on my own doing what I want…Partner dancing challenges me to the core, that’s what forced me to pursue it…I knew that this dance was a metaphor for the real dance and struggle for balance that was going on inside by being. And I know that this “work” towards inner alignment will reflect what and who I attract into my life. And in all aspects of my life ranging from personal to work, and play. I want to attract people and experiences that are are in flow and in balance.

You know, I’ve met all types before: For example, Men who were overly feminine and lacked the masculine energy that upholds them to their highest truth. And wombyn who are overly masculine who compensate by being overly aggressive and forceful. I have definitely seen myself on both extremes of the spectrum in different phases of my life and even on a day to day moment to moment basis. For me, understanding these archetypes have helped me to “see” myself better and work towards finding my own balance.

Cultivating BALANCE is KEY…to return to the feminine, we must find the balance of the masculine forces within ourselves and vice versa. If you notice, we tend to attract certain people that embody the qualities of balance that we seek in our ourselves. And we’ll have our challenges too, each person we meet on our path will teach us how to get closer with ourselves and what’s been serving and not serving us anymore…

I guess I’ll be getting myself on the dance floor more often!! See you there!

March 26, 2013 0 Comments