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Cleansing vs. Not Cleansing

At least twice a year I do some sort of a cleanse. The last couple years its been the Ayurvedic kitcheree cleanse and during late spring I will juice in combination with the kitcheree. But this time around, Ill be honest, I didn’t feel like doing it. Well, my body does. But with my erratic schedule lately, I realized that it would be difficult to take off 5-7 days and dedicate it solely to cleansing.

SO, I decided for the next 40 days, to cleanse a little every day. Rather than condensing it all in 5-7 days or not cleansing at all, to sparse it out within the next 40 days. I decided that I would eat kitcheree and drink a green juice daily. So far so good…Im on day 8!

Many times in our culture there’s this thought that we gotta bang it out all at once. This is great if you have the capacity to do that. Space and time is required, and possibly taking time off work would help with that. But what if you want to cleanse but your schedule doesn’t allow it to? The reality for many of us is that, its impossible to do that.

So how to make the best with what you got?! That’s the best place to start. Meeting your needs with wherever you are at, is essential. Taking the route that I did, I feel less stressed out about having to cleanse. And I can pace myself. I feel more balanced and healthy already!!!

Cheers to juicing, to good health, and stressing less about trying to get healthy! Haha!
Miss J

May 14, 2013 0 Comments
angry liver Ashley__s_Angry_Liver_by_ABloodRedRose

Angry much?! Feeling overheated lately? Read on…

One ex-surgeon friend of mine who used to do liver transplants used to say that the liver should be considered your second brain, if not the first!! The liver has many responsibilities and its the only organ in the body that can regenerate itself. The liver regulates most of the chemical levels in the blood and excretes bile which helps with breaking down fats in the process of digestion, regulates metabolic waste products…and so much more.

When our liver is not at its optimal, we may experience: inflammation of the skin such as eczema, psoriosis, rashes, redness, hepatitis, digestive upset, diarrhea, loose stools, PMS, headaches, bloating, etc.

According to Ayurveda and Chinese medicine, there are external factors that can affect the well being of our physical health. If one is taking in improper foods, elements, and impressions that are not in alignment with ones constitution this can cause imbalances to manifest. Something else to think about is the liver is cleansing every night from 10pm-2am. For example, if we eat late, the liver goes into digestion mode and the “cleansing” comes to a halt. This creates buildup in the liver and thus all the other organs are compromised. This is one way that imbalance can start to manifest.

There are also internal factors that affect our physical being. When we experience mental and emotional disturbances, this can wreak havoc on our internal organs. For example, if you are nervous or angry, you might notice that you have diarrhea or loose stools. Or if we worry too much, this can cause depletion in out kidneys.

The liver, in eastern traditions, is known as the seat of our emotions. Especially the hot and heated emotions such as anger, frustration, jealousy, envy, hate, criticism, and judgement. It does hold 13% blood in your body. Makes sense why its such a heated organ!

*I recently was experiencing some imbalances in my own health, and realized that the liver was the culprit!! Rather not taking care of it was! And so I compiled a list of things that I am “working” on, and realized that we could all benefit!
SO, Heres a list of TIPS to keep you cool and your liver happy this upcoming summer. We’re starting to experience some of the heat these last couple weeks, and the best way to take care of your health is by preventing dis-ease from manifesting!

*Drink cool teas that calm pitta and the liver: Mint tea, rose, dandelion tea, burdock, tea. These are easy to find and you can probably find them locally!

*Drink green juices and focus on the bitter taste: The bitter taste pacifies Pitta and excess heat in the liver!

*Kitcheree cleanse! If you haven’t gone on a cleanse now, it’s time! So simple and easy, nourishing and cleansing at the same time!

* Stay away from colors that are extra heating like red, black, orange and yellow. Focus on light and sattvic colors: Green, white, pink, blue, violet, and gold.

* Yoga it up with lots of twists!! Its quite detoxifying and focuses on releasing tension from the solar plexus. One of the areas where Pitta manifests.

*Breathe mindfully and deeply throughout the day to calm an over hyper nervous system.

*Coconut oil and coconut water are cooling and pacify pitta! Drink it, cook with it, and massage your skin with the oil!

*My favorite! Rose water and peppermint spray! Makes me happy!

This should be enough for now to keep you liver happy and healthy!
Until soon!

May 8, 2013 3 Comments