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Practice Yoga anywhere, literally!

My friend used to make fun of me because everywhere I went, and whomever I was with whether I was having a conversation with someone, I was always stretching. Sure now that I look back some of that could have been out of nervousness and the inability to stay still…But it struck me recently while teaching to one of my one-on-one private Yoga students as I was giving her tips on how she can sneak some Yoga in during the day.

Yoga for me and I’m sure for many others is a lifestyle. Sure I practice on my mat, but the real deal happens when I’m out in the world doing my thing. But off the mat, is just as important as getting to practice ON the mat, right?!

SO, I’m speaking to folks out there that struggle with trying to get any Yoga in their week! Its understandable, we get busy…But the thing is, you can stretch and practice anywhere at any time…

Heres How, Tips on Where, and Which Yoga Poses to Explore:

*Waking up in the morning: Take a minute while laying in bed to take a Happy Baby Pose, Or Gentle Twist laying on your back. May as well squeeze the knees into the chest ( apanasana) great for the digestive organs and get things flowing!

*Waiting at the bank or grocery store: That’s one of the best times to stretch. Try Tree Pose or a modified version of Dancers Pose ( holding onto foot towards your bum and stretching quads) Yummy!

* At work: If you’re sitting at the desk, take a moment to stretch!! Seated Wide legged Child Pose( Open the legs wide and lean over and fold). Or legs together and lean over into a Modified Chair Child Pose. You can also Twist while sitting at your desk, it helps to release pressure from the spine from sitting all day. Finally my favorite, Thread the Needle while seated to open hips. Cross one ankle over the thigh and lean over to stretch the outer hip.

*Standing all day: For whatever reason if this is you, take a minute to take a Forward Fold, and you can take the hands behind your back interlacing fingers over your head(or as far as they’ll go, and you will feel so happy after:)) Take a modified Down Dog against a wall with hands on wall or resting on the seat of a chair to stretch your lower back.

*Driving: Okay, maybe not while you’re driving but before you start the engine or once you’ve arrived to your destination. Take a minute to roll the neck and head around a couple rounds. Then shrug the shoulders and round them in one direction and then the other to bring energy into the upper back.

I hope these ideas inspire you to stretch mindfully throughout your day. Every little bit counts and will help you with releasing tension and stress from your body, and ultimately your mind.


June 25, 2013 2 Comments

How to make a Vision Board

It starts out as a dream, a thought…

and then maybe you write it out or journal ( as I would do) maybe tell a friend it makes it more real…and then next thing you know its happening…

Since I was a wee girl, I wrote in my journal a bunch. Always wrote lists of things that I wanted to do…and when I look back, I see that I’ve accomplished most of those things! I’m a real visual learner so seeing it on paper or in front of me makes it more real.

Couple years ago I started to make vision boards. I was surprised that many people didn’t know what they were. It’s really a fun process and so easy!

Here’s how you do it:

*Set the sacred space (light some candles, incense, music, set an intention)
*Gather your friends or do it alone, your choice
*Get a bunch of magazines, glue, and scissors
*Start cutting out images, words, phrases that represent your dreams and visions that you want to manifest in your life.

I always loved making collages when I was younger and once I found out about vision boards, it gave me a reason to get creative with collages again!

So it was last year in Aug that I had a Full Moon Vision Board gathering, and now it’s come full circle. I feel that my visions and dreams for last year had been fulfilled and it feels like I’m in need of a tune up! Ha. This Full Moon coming up and Summer Solstice is the prefect time to bring in new energy and intentions into my life. I welcome it!

***This upcoming Saturday evening 630pm-830pm join me for my Wombyn’s Full Moon Vision Board gathering. It will be held at the beautiful Sacred Roots in Long Beach. Feel free to bring snacks and goodies to share with your sisters. Also please bring a $2 donation for the space rental, and if you can bring extra scissors, boards, glues and any unused magazines.

Looking forward to this time with my sisters, and sharing our visions and holding that space for one another!!! See you soon!!!


June 20, 2013 0 Comments
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Happy Birthday Fellow Gemini’s!

Happy Birthday Fellow Gemini’s!!!

I really love celebrating my birthday! But this was the first year in a while that I actually felt like keeping my birthday celebrations kinda mellow. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I didn’t, ha! But I also felt really content this year not having to do much. It was the simple things this year, and every other year now that make my heart fill up with gratitude for all the great beings that are in my life. Like when my god daughter left me a message singing happy birthday. SO Sweet! Or when the my Yoga students at Leisure World joined voices and sang me my birthday song.

photo (35)I went to Ojai this past weekend and being in nature was a celebration in itself. I felt so much more peaceful when I came home and I felt a deeper sense of calm and inner joy. I love how nature is so simple, yet so nourishing. We just have to remember to take time to do it, right?! It was the perfect Birthday present!

Anyhow! Happy Celebrations to you all! And enjoy this months great happenings! There’s lots going on!
I’m looking forward to seeing you all soon!

With Great Love,

June 5, 2013 0 Comments