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Sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Sick and tired of being sick and tired? Its an easy place to get stuck in, and its a vicious cycle!I know!I been there lots! I’d like to share with you these simple tips, that have helped me SO much in breaking that vicious cycle!

The reality is that when I am feeling depleted and tired, its quite impossible for me to give and meet others needs, properly that is without feeling drained. Then when I do find myself “catching up” all of a sudden, I find myself right back where I started. Sound familiar?

I find that most healers, mothers, workaholics, for example, are too busy taking care of their clients, their kids,and everyone else, that it leaves no time for themselves. I see relationships in their lives suffer and other areas of their lives compromised which leaves a huge strain on both ends.

I’ll admit it I’ve been caught in this vicious cycle many a times, too many. How do we meet the needs of our loved ones, our businesses, school work, etc if we can’t even meet our own? Then everything, even the things that you normally would enjoy, seem like a burden.

Ayurveda has taught me that the key to everything, is prevention. Stop the cycle before it starts!


Start by creating a “maintenance” routine: It’s important to create a “system of healing” that is consistent and do-able with your schedule. Otherwise you wont do it! We’re constantly accumulating stress and tension ( mental and physical stress) its important to buffer it on a regular basis. For example, I receive acupuncture on a weekly basis and massages at least once a month. I also maintain a regular yoga, meditation, and exercise routines weekly to keep me balanced and on top!

Learn to ask for help when you feel overwhelmed, even better, before you get to that point!: Its not easy for many of us, I know. But learn to ask, and you shall receive!!! The universe works, just like that!!
I was at a point recently where I felt so overwhelmed that it paralyzed me from moving forward. So I hired a personal assistant and she was great!! She lifted a huge load off my back, and then I was able to work on other important things that required my attention.

Learn to say NO: It’s that simple. We can easily get stuck in the role of a “caretaker” whether it comes in the form as mother, father, healer, friend, etc. but the fact of the matter is, we can’t please everyone, and we don’t have to! Otherwise expect burn out! Great tip: I read somewhere if on a scale from 1-10 ( 10 yes you really want to do it) and if someone asks you to do something and its below a 7, then don’t do it!

There is so much joy that can shine forth when we’re thriving and living at our optimal! The quality of ease and grace is available at every moment, why do we get caught up in the drama? Remember to ~pause~ and ~breathe~ and remember that joy is available. We don’t have to suffer. Why? Because life is too short to waste! And if you’re tired now, imagine getting older, it doesn’t get easier that’s for sure! So take care of yourself now, and set the tone for the rest of your days! Make it a good, one! It’s all up to you!!!

Love you all!

July 28, 2013 2 Comments

Meditate? Looks easier said than done…

Meditating was never easy for me. Goddess willing if I could even lay still enough through a savasana ( corpse pose) after practicing yoga. Couple years ago, my Yoga practice consisted of 2 hours of asana(poses), without a savasana most of the time. So trying to get myself on the mat to sit still wasn’t really an option.

Well, it wasn’t until I faced my own battles with injuries and chronic pain that I realized I couldn’t practice as I once did. And that doing less was my lesson, not more. That’s when I found restorative Yoga, which changed my life forever. And then I found meditation.
It clicked for me when my wise and loving teacher and mentor once asked me, whats the point in having a limber and strong body if you’re mind is in turmoil? See if you can sit for 30 minutes and let your mind become still and this is the real practice of Yoga. Not whether you can get your leg over your head…

Hmmmnnnnn. Something shifted…and I knew that I had to train my mind if I wanted to overcome the suffering that I inherently accumulated and created.

So of course, I started meditating. Well let me tell you, it looks so much easier than done. Ha! Most people tell me that they just cant still their mind. If only they knew that that is only the first step. You just gotta sit with it. And not judge it, but just let it be. Watch the story unfold…without expectations and the longer you sit, something WILL happen. Naturally stillness invites peace and relaxation.

So my advice to those wanting to meditate:

*Just SIT!

*Sit even if its 5 minutes a day, but make sure to be consistent. Its better to do 2 or 5 minutes a day regularly to build your practice, rather than 30 minutes or 4 minutes on day sporadically.

* One thing I learned is to sit until you have reached one level of relaxation before you get up and going again.

*And if sitting just sucks, ha! Then Mantra, considered the best medicine for the mind. It gives focus and direction when there is too much going on in the head. A simple mantra to chant: Om as you inhale and exhale, or So as you inhale, Hum as you Exhale. I am that, that which is divine, and dont you forget it!!!!

Blessings on your journey towards Peace!!!!

July 10, 2013 5 Comments