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Manifesting the love of your life

LOVE is something that I recently began to discover more deeply within myself and open up to it in my relationships. And I’ve realized along my journey towards peace, that everyone is searching for happiness and love. It’s like an instinct and an inherent part of being human. And so this blog is dedicated to all those people out there searching for love,  whether its in a future partner, or searching to love yourSelf…

One of the definition of the sanskrit word Yoga, means union. It’s the union with the self( unconscious) with the higher Self (consciousness/soul) ~Shiva meeting it’s shakti~ Like yin and yang~  purusha and prakrutti~Sonny and Cher~you get what I mean, right? Union with the divine is the reason why many of us believe that we are here today. Rumi and many other poets,  artists, wanderers, Yogi’s, philosophers write about it all the time. You see it in movies and books of people searching for their soul mates and the meaning of life…

shiva shakti

I used to get into these relationships with really amazing people. Treated me like a queen! When I look back at the relationship, I realized that I wasn’t open to receiving their love.  I was very detached emotionally, one of many ways that we “protect” our self from potential hurt and pain. Plus I already had an idea of what “love” was and it was conditional and conventional. It’s what I thought I knew. And after many relationships and the more I journeyed towards loving and trusting myself, I could feel the love in my heart expand and open up. And I learned that we must be able to give to ourselves that which we want to give to others, FIRST! In doing so, you will naturally attract the type of energy and love you want to receive.

So I began to clear up any negativity around my own projections and fears and it became clearer what I wanted in my life. And so what did I do? I started envisioning and calling in what I wanted. How did I do that? * I vision boarded about it*I wrote about it* I talked about it* I dreamt about it* I drew what I wanted to attract into my life* It helped me to get clearer with what I wanted to manifest in my life, and then he showed up…:)

I’m holding a Vision Board Party and Wombyn’s Hang out Eve on Friday February 14th, 630-830pm on Valentines Day at Sacred Roots. If you’re single and searching, or even with someone but want to cultivate more love for yourself, in your relationships with others, or maybe want to attract a new love into your life. This is the night! This is a very powerful practice for setting intentions. Remember that when you set your intentions, the universe WILL conspire to make it happen!!! In whatever form and shape it is meant to arrive, it will! * Bring some wine, chocolates, tarot cards, poems, instruments, to share with your sisters. 

I look forward to visioning  with you! See you then!


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