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lets start the journey!

Let’s start the journey!

TURKEY!!! It kinda happened last minute, but its somewhere I’ve always wanted to go! Plus this year I made a new intention: GO SOMEWHERE I’VE NEVER TRAVELED TO EACH YEAR.

I didn’t think too much about my trip until the other night when I heard a story about the Goddess Inanna and her journey into the underworld. In short, Inanna descends into the underworld where she passes through 7 gates to find her sister. At each gate, she was asked to give up her material possessions that she so proudly prepared for : Her crown, a chest plate  protecting her heart, clothe, jewelry, etc. As she was stripped of her belongings, everything that signified her status and identity disappeared. Once she reached her sister ( who was calling for her) Inanna died. She was later brought back to life and called to the earthly plane where she once ruled.

There are many interpretations to this story…

As Inanna is stripped of her belonging at each gate, she is forced to let go of illusions and old outworn patterns. I ‘ve always felt that when I returned from a trip, I was never the same. You lose your sense of identity especially since you have nothing to identify yourself with. Your family, friends, work, the things that reaffirm who you are are not there anymore. It’s scary, uncomfortable, exciting, frustrating, and very refreshing at the same time. In my “traveling days” I lived off the rush of being unknown and wandering in places that were completely foreign and new to me. Nowadays I’m so comfortable where I’m at, it takes a little effort to escape my comfort zone.

As I get ready to leave for my trip, I feel as if I am also leaving behind some part of myself…I’m definitely leaving a lot of responsibilities…and surrendering to the idea of other people taking over my “job” and trusting that all is well and in good hands…which I know that it is. I won’t have my computer to work on to check emails multiple times a day… and other comforts of being home. But theres beauty in that too…I’m looking forward to the adventures…the opportunity and space for spontaneity…inspiration…growth...clarity…rest

Most importantly, I get to *PLAY* REST* and *RESET* It’s a chance to reflect my life currently in all aspects of my life: Whether thats work, relationships, love, home, play...What nurtures my soul and uplifts me? What drains my energy or what aspects feel like I’m just dragging myself in the mud? Checking in, who am I? Because we are always changing, right? And many times when we think we are something, we end up realizing it was just another mask we wear…

I look forward to exploring and enjoying myself, and allowing the wonders of the world inspire and remind me of the divine being that I am! AS YOU ARE!

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lets start the journey!


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