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Moon Cycles and Charts

Charting by the moons

For those of you that know me, I am hugely fascinated by the moon and the connection that it has with the feminine. It is mysterious and magical…knowing that our monthly menstrual cycle is tied to the waning and waxing of the moon is a phenomenon and I love learning more about it.

Recently I found a calendar that was beautifully created in Chile, South America with amazing illustrations and this calendar was  on there. I never ended up buying it because honestly it was a hassle having to go through western union and purchasing one, etc etc. But I ran into this beauty the other day on this gals blog and got really excited!! Right at my fingertips!! I normally track my cycle through my slingshot, but I love the idea of the circular chart and being able to note my emotional, sexual, physical, etc. states of being on the specific days of the moon cycle.

It’s a great way to know thyself better and understand how different days of the week in relation to which moon we are in, affects us. Our pituitary gland is what also regulates our biorhythm based on how much light that we are exposed to. It controls out hormones and our inner circadian rhythm.  Make sure you are getting enough exposure to the sun and moonlight. Especially as women, to the moon light. It can bring balance to your menses and reproductive system.


Meaning & Practices to Cultivate the F e m i n i n e and our Connection to our Moon~Menses

Full Moon is a time of fullness and abundance. In Ayurveda it is represented by Kapha Dosha ( earth and water) Typically women and animals ovulate during this time and feel the most sensual and full of energy. We are at this time the most fertile. *Moon basking, swimming in water, and connecting with other women eccentuates the power of the moon’s feminine energy. * Taking aphrodisiacs during this time can enhance and balance your hormonal and reproductive system.

New Moon is represents a time of darkness and reflection and when we bleed. In Ayurveda it is represented by the Vata Dosha ( Air and ether) and it’s the best time to rest and nourish yourself. Your body is naturally detoxing and over exertion physically and mentally  can be very draining. *Practice setting intentions for the month ahead and light a candle and let go of this which no longer serves you.  

Waning Moon is a time when the energy of the sun on the earth is strongest. Vata dosha is predominant, hence explains the change in moods and energy in the body. You might even notice changes in your appetite, digestion and elimination. The invariability that vata is known for is at its peak. *It is best during this time to reserve your energy and rest up. * Reduce as much vata in your life, and you will inevitably feel much more balanced during this time and also how you experience your menstrual cycle.

Waxing moon is when the moon grows fuller. Energy is building. This is when naturally  the energy of the moon is at its strongest. Energy is building. *Stronger Yoga practice, exercising during this time is recommended. 

***Dont worry if you’re not on the cycle of the moon. We all have a different rhythm and depending on whats going on in our life, that can also create shifts and changes in our menstrual cycle. In ancient times the moon was revered just as much as the sun, even more so at times. Unlike the sun, the moon is constantly changing. And as women,  so do we as. Our moods and body doesn’t stay the same every day.  So take the time to honor yourself and start charting, and see what happens!

I lead quarterly wombyn’s full moon walks if you are interested in moon basking with me! Tonight we are having a silent walk with special guest Christine Petit. Our next walk will be in October! Stay tuned!


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