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Yoga and Ayurveda for a Healthy Gut

According to eastern medicine ( Traditional Chinese Medicine and Indian Ayurvedic Medicine) there is a deep understanding that most of our illnesses start from the gut.

When digestion and elimination are at optimal states and our bodies are able to absorb and assimilate all the nutrients from the food we eat, then the by product is healthier tissues and proper organ function.

When digestion is impaired, this can cause dis-ease and dis-harmony within body and mind. Channels become blocked and stagnation occurs, causing ama ( toxic build up) and as a result it will effect all the other bodily tissues and organs. Impaired digestion is usually the early signs of dis-stress and if not properly addressed can cause dis-ease.

Lets take the analogy of fire and agni ( ability to digest) and a piece of wood that represents food. Imagine if you had an itty-bitty fire and threw a bunch of wet logs onto the flame. What would essentially happen is the wood would put out the flame. Leaving pieces of wood creating ama ( toxins) in the body and distinguishing our fire.

Now imagine a flame that is burning bright and strong. If you were to throw pieces of wood onto the flame( digestive mechanism), it would devour it and transform the wood( food) into ashes ( nutrient for tissues). The importance of having a well balanced digestive system is crucial to the development of our well being and health.


Early signs of Impaired Digestion

gas, bloating, acid-reflux, constipation, diarrhea, gurgling noises in belly, burping, nausea, etc.


Simple Tips for Better Digestion

Eat according to your constitution Each of us are born with an inherent constitution that determines your physical, psychological, physiological characteristics and tendencies in this lifetime. When we adhere to the guidelines of your constitution, you will gain balance  and better health.

Drink room temperature water Cold/ice water will “put out your agni” and weaken your ability to digest. For your body to regulate your body temperature it takes longer to digest.

Avoid water with your meals Drinking tons of water while you eat dilute your digestive enzymes impeding proper digestion. Drink water 15-20 min before or after your meals, or sip slowly during your meal.

Savor your meals Eating too quickly can cause burping, gas and indigestion. Take time to savor each bite. Digestion starts in your mouth when food is mixed with saliva. It tells your body that you are ready to start digesting. If you chew your food well, your stomach and the rest of your organs won’t have to work as hard.

Eat simply  One of the reasons so many people today are facing digestive issues is because of how much processed foods we are eating. It takes a lot more enzymes and time for your body to break down the different foods combinations in one meal, some of it your body can’t even break down ( trans fat and artificial ingredients). The simpler and more whole foods we eat, the easier it is for our body to digest.

Digestive Teas and Herbs Try drinking some warm ginger, peppermint, or chamomile tea. They are easy to find, and aid digestion. You would be surprised at how many of the herbs in your kitchen cabinet help with digestion…oregano, turmeric, cumin, coriander, fennel, black pepper, the list goes on!

Yoga Poses

Salabasana ( Locust Pose) and urdhva dhanurasana (upward bow): strengthens agni and increases your digestive fire. It also helps with elimination and strengthens back muscles at the same time!

Twists: Are detoxifying and help move things along your color and aid in assimilation of nutrients in your small intestine. Sometimes if I feel sluggish in the morning, I will do a couple twists and things will start to move!

Abdominals like Navasana (boat post) help not only to strengthen the abdominal muscles but also tones the digestive organs.

Deep Breathing Helps you to relax and allows the body to shift from sympathetic ( fight or flight) to the parasympathetic nervous system ( rest and digest) where digestion happens. When we are in a chronic state of stress, our body struggles to heal even the basics such as eating. If you are familiar with Yoga, you can also try Kapala Bati which helps to stoke agni burning up toxins and rev’s up your metabolism.

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October 24, 2014 0 Comments

Being comfortable with the uncomfortable

Most of my life I felt like an outsider, as if I could never really relate to anybody. Growing up in a Korean American household might have had something to do with it, maybe not…To be honest I never really felt like I fit in.

So naturally I found myself attracted to sub-cultures that were beyond the norm, wherever I went.
I was always on the “outside” and in a way it felt cool, but inside I still felt “different”. It sucked in a way and I suffered.

But I came to the conclusion that that was who I was and even a Vedic Astrologer once explained that I would always feel this way! Well that gave me some peace at least and made it easier to accept, ha!

BUT, along my spiritual path and this journey called life, the veils of “illusion” that we live in has been revealing itself yet another layer. The universe has been teaching me that the moment we come to one conclusion, that thought will dissolve into another…Events and things that happen in our lives are but a thread that links us to the next thing that is to occur in our lives…

Acceptance of what is and trusting the process of life have played huge themes in my life, and it’s made it easier to make peace with this longing to belong. The more connected I am with Self, the more I am able to see that reflection of divine beauty in all beings, as is it is in me. And essentially, I’ve learned that it’s okay to feel uncomfortable, and I’m learning to be feel comfortable with that. I’m learning be kind to myself and allow myself to let go of the judging and comparing that can overwhelm me.

It took me many boyfriends to realize that as much as they loved me, I couldn’t love them back, in fact I used to be really cold and mean to them for loving me! It was really sad…and then I noticed this pattern that was blocking me from living in the light, that got me towards the path of acceptance and love. I mean, how could I accept, express, or feel something I knew nothing of. I grew up in a household where there was a lot of disharmony and not a lot of love or affection. Thank God for my father who was present with us as much as he could. My mother was checked out most of the time and her idea of love was providing for us with food and cleaning. I realize now she herself probably never experienced love herself…

Overall, I have been blessed by beautiful and loving people in my life, they are a constant reminder of the divine beauty that dwells within me. And in every moment that I am in-joy, I know that it’s sort of a landmark, showing me how much love is available.


The process of self care has changed my life…each time I receive a massage or acupuncture or do something good to myself, its a way of letting my sub conscious know that I love myself and am worth it. It feels good. It’s been a process and a never ending one I’m sure, but it feels good to love:) I trust that and pray that you will see it in yourself too. It seems far at at times, but it’s always there.  Keep planting the seeds of love, gratitude, and joy, and get out the way!! You will be surprised at what you can experience, if you only allow!

Blessings and In-Joy and in LOVE!


October 15, 2014 2 Comments