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3rd Saturday Community Clinic

Every 3rd Saturday at Sacred Roots from 11am-3pm

Upcoming Clinics:

Feb 21, Mar 21, Apr 18, May 16

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*****Come receive 25 minute tune ups!!*****

Therapies include: Therapeutic Massage, Cupping Massage Therapy, Ayurvedic Consultations, Infra-Red Sauna, Acupuncture, non invasive chiropractic, Reiki and Energy Healing.

*Ill be offering Ayurvedic Massages, Cupping Massage, and Ayurvedic Consultations: $25

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Sliding Scale $20-35

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Get out of Negative Habits and Create Positive Ones that Stick

Some say we are creatures of habit, and I agree. Humans seem to thrive on routine and it creates the foundation for each day. Unfortunately it can also end up biting us in the butt.

We are each inherently born with a unique constitution. Residing in that natural state on all levels of our being from the physical to the spiritual allows us to experience ourselves as whole and perfect beings. Although that can change and there are a myriad of ways that happens, ultimately causing die-ease. The first is in the womb. Depending on our parent’s constitution upon conception, toxins or stress that our mother was exposed to during pregnancy can create vikrutti aka imbalances in the dosha. Secondly, birth till the age of 5 when we are like little sponges taking in everything around us, we are the most impressionable and long lasting patterns are set in. And lastly, lifestyle. It can impact and change our prakrutti aka original constitution from repeatedly following a diet or lifestyle that is not in alignment with our inherent constitution.


Unfortunately, some of this stuff we had absolutely no control over. As young children we were at the mercy of our parents, culture and society. As adults we may not have the resources or knowledge to know otherwise. Until we finally get sick or notice we’ve been in a chronic state of unhappiness do we reach a point in our lives when we start to evaluate our patterns and begin to change things. 

So, from an Ayurvedic perspective, how to do we get out of the negative habits and create positive ones that actually stick? And return to our inherent nature? Is that possible?

Yes! So there’s something in Ayurvedic medicine called Dinacharya aka as daily rituals. It’s highly emphasized because of it’s ability to keep the doshas in balance and revolves around the 3 Pillars of Ayurvedic Health: Diet, Sleep, and Stress Management. This might be the key to creating balance and counteracting the stressors in our lives. Let’s look a little closer, shall we?

Wake and Break According to Claudia Welsh, Chinese Doctor and Ayurvedic Practitioner, she explains how the 24 hrs cycle in a day is reflective of one’s life span. Evening and sleep corresponding with death or dying. Mid day when we are the most active to mid life. And early morning corresponds with early childhood and pregnancy-when we are the most impressionable. Claudia Welsh says that if we want to change deep seated samskaras or impressions that were created during this time in our lives, that morning would be the best time to implement positive habits. Basically, tuning in with the time in which those impressions were created, we can change old patterns. WOW! Makes complete sense! Personally, I experience each morning as a rebirth. Interesting even the word morning, sounds like mourning. Mourning the old and awakening to a new day. An opportunity to start anew and clear the old palate.  

Create a Morning Ritual It’s repetition that created the old patterns from the first place, lets create healthier ones that stick!  

Drink a warm glass of water with a squeeze of lemon upon rising: It’s cleansing and get’s your bowel’s moving.

Oral Hygene: Brush your teeth, Scrape your tongue, Oil Pull

Cleansing Kriyas: Irrigate your nasal passage with a neti pot and drop some warm nasya oil into your nose to lubricate and nourish them.

Meditate on your breath, the sun, in silence. Or be still in the morning and take in the essence of the day and set the intention for how you want to show up. 

Exercise: Take a walk or do some Yoga to get circulation going and to stimulate the lymphatic system ( improves immunity) Activating shakti energy and moving prana removes stagnation and promotes space for creativity and more energy.   

Set Intentions: Pray for peace and for the ones you love that they may be well. Take a moment of gratitude. Remember what inspired you and create an affirmation. These practices connect us with our higher self and opens the gateway to experiencing more joy, happiness, and love.

Consistency and Regularity Waking up and sleeping with the cycles of nature or going to the bathroom in the am even if you don’t have to go-at the same time, helps to align our own inner rhythms. Notice when you wake up at a certain time each day regularly, your body goes on autopilot mode. You eventually wake up at the same time every morning. It creates less variability in physiological functions in your body: pooping, peeing, waking, etc. and creates ease as you start the day.

Cultivate habits that affirm your highest intentions for growth If you have a habit of not taking care of yourself or attracting experiences in which you are unable to sense your own self worth. Create a ritual around self care=self love. If you’re chronically stressed and busy all the time, receive a massage an instant manifestation for peace and relaxation. Notice what doesn’t serve you and let it go. And start  creating new ones that make you feel good inside and out. 

Daily rituals are SO sacred because although it might seem like a mundane task at first. When we approach it with reverence and mindfulness, it’s an opportunity to be present and embody what we want to create in your life on a daily basis. Whether it’s patience, joy, flexibility, strength, peace or confidence. Simple routines can be transformed into sacred rituals that keep us in a state of balance and full present awareness. In that state of full present awareness we are able to experience the unfoldment of our existence as Whole Perfect beings. And this is how we can start to change those old habits and patterns…

And of course there’s a variety of methods for shifting consciousness and breaking out of old patterns. A cleanse, go on vacation, other forms of holistic healing modalities and therapies work wonders! Continual practice is key to creating long lasting and healthier patterns in our lives on a day to day basis. As a result , you may experience more peace, grounding and ease to get you through your days.

With love and light, and my neti pot,






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Balancing Digestion through the Holidays

When I think of the holidays, gluttony comes to mind. Busy weekends party hopping from one potluck gathering to the next and tons of sugar!  Most of the food tends to be heavy-bread and dip, cheese galore, sweet sugary treats, mixed drinks, meats, etc. I LOVE all that, but my stomach doesn’t. 

Winter is characterized by the qualities cold, wet, damp, and windy. Seasonally we tend to eat heavier foods to naturally counterbalance the opposite qualities bringing in more warmth, moist, and grounding foods. We wouldn’t eat a cold salad in the winter ( well maybe in California you would) but that would be best during summer when it’s warmer and agni ( ability to digest) is typically stronger. 


Most people suffering from digestive issues or weight gain are advised not to eat past dark because digestion slows during that time. The sun is at it’s peak between 10-2pm, and so is our metabolism and ability to digest. Ayurveda recommends consuming the largest meal of day during this time. When we follow this routine, we tend to eat less in the evening, naturally.

We can apply the same principle to seasons. When it’s dark and cold out typically during fall and winter, for those of us suffering from poor digestion or with a sluggish digestion, we might notice it’s actually harder to digest these types of foods. 

Basic Ayurvedic principles( laws of nature and science) can be very helpful in remedying maladies and finding the right balance in our lives. 

So whether you suffer from digestive issues or not, everyone can benefit!

Here are Simple Tips on How to Balance Digestion through the Holidays: 

Eat early… Try and eat before it get’s dark. Metabolism naturally slows down and eating heavy food late into the night stresses the inner organs. Notice when you eat late you wake up with puffy eyes( kidney’s compromised) and fatigue. TIP: Don’t go to a party on an empty stomach. Before I go to a potluck, I eat a nourishing meal at home incorporating a balance of all 6 tastes so that when I get to the party, I won’t be tempted to eat everything on site. And if you go to a party famished, you’re more likely to eat what’s on the table and I find that some of the food is not always the best for digestion. 

Upon Waking Drink warm water with a squeeze of lemon juice. It’s naturally detoxifying, cleanses your system, and get’s your bowel movement going. Always a plus!

Herbal Teas to increase agni ( aka digestive fire) There’s an Ayurvedic saying that says the length of your life is determined by the strength of your agni. Agni=life force Here are a couple great herbs to stoke the digestive fires. Great to drink 15-20 minutes prior to eating. The stronger the agni the more likely you will be able to digest your food.

Ginger, cinnamon, turmeric, peppermint for example are generally heating, warming, great for circulation, speeds metabolism, and tasty!

Follow Food Combination Guideline When I go to holiday parties or any party for that matter, I try to make as little food combinations as possible.  Since I have a very sensitive digestive system, less is more. Here are some examples: Eat meat with veggies only. Avoid cold raw salad or foods ( harder to digest). Veggies and carbs only.  Drink water and liquids either 20-30 min before or after meals ( food will expand in belly and dilute digestive juices) Eat until you are satisfied and try not to stuff yourself, too hard.   Eat slowly and mindfully, you’ll be able to tell when you are full much easier when you savor your meals.

 Yoga for Healthy Digestion These poses activate the digestive organs and stoke agni. Apanasana ( knee to chest on your back), Salabasana ( locust pose) and Upward Bow. Essentially any pose when the belly is compressed slightly stimulates digestion and peristalsis in colon to get things moving! Abdominal exercises also aid in speeding up metabolism and increasing heat in the body. 


Meditation and Pranayama Try Kapala Bati also known as the belly breath of fire and visualize your breath as a radiating yellow light move into your 3rd energy center Manipura Chakra helps to increase our internal fire and ability to digest. Visualize the color yellow radiating at your navel center.

 Exercise during the Holidays Cardio and Sweating is great way to SPEED UP METABOLISM in essence will help digest your food so that it doesn’t sit there turning into ama ( toxic build up) I recommend exercises that get the heart rate pumping-walking vigorously, swimming, dancing!!! And HOT YOGA is great! ( especially if you are trying to lose weight or experience poor circulation) Get’s circulation going, cleanses the lymphatic system, and kicks up metabolism!

I hope these tools can offer guidance towards an easeful transition through the holidays, and may your agni always be bright!



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2nd Friday Wise Wombyn Way

Educational workshops dedicated to wombyn’s health, sexuality, emotional and spiritual health.

Jenny Ahn hosts special guests each month to inspire and empower you on your journey towards womanhood and embodying the feminine within.

Arpil 10, 2015


Donation: $10-15


2nd Friday Wise Wombyn Way: Lunar Tides with Luna Sangre: Deepening Your Moon Connection. We will delve into the womb-moon connection to understand how our womb cycles are tied to the moon. Learn daily (and nightly) practices in which you can align yourself to the moon to create a deeper connection, optimize your energy, and improve hormonal imbalances.

Some topics we will explore:

*Lunar Charting

*Lunaception for wellness and fertility

*Menstruation and the Moon

Aubrey S.A is an Artist, Conscious Menstruation Coach, Doula, and Creatress of Luna Sangre Moontime products.


316 Redondo Avenue

Long Beach Ca 90814

Contact Jenny 562 338 5255 for more info