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March 19, 2015 0 Comments

5 Tips to Clear your Junk this Spring

Spring represents a time of renewal. The sun is starting to shine, snow is starting to melt, flowers are blooming and the energy in the air is lighter. Seasons shift gradually, but for some of us it can be very shocking especially for our health. One of the ways we can reduce the impact or effects is to detox or cleanse to ease the transition. Spring is known as a time for cleaning. Not just our homes, but why not our physical home that we inhabit 24/7-our body too?

Spring is one of the best times to detox the accumulation and heaviness from Winter-heavy foods and sleeping longer and any other hibernating patterns that kept us in our caves. Here are some tips to feel lighter, joyful, and healthier this Spring!

1) Increase Agni: Strengthen your digestive fire! Agni slows down when its cold, especially if we dampen it with heavier sweeter foods which we typically eat during Winter. Try a mono diet or cleanse and give your body a break as it transitions…or eat lighter foods ( seasonal) and add more greens and spices to your diet. *Cultivating a strong/balanced agni will help ward off disease-fewer allergy symptoms, clearer mind, reduce hormonal imbalances, etc.

2) Space!  Cleaning your home or car is no different than detoxing your physical body. You feel the same sense of relief or peace when clutter disappears. When we ~create space~ we feel lighter, more freedom, and expansiveness inside and out. Utilize this time to clear out the old, any clutter and trash and plant new seeds to grow.

3) Deep Breathing : The benefits of breathing are enormous!

*It can increase metabolism hence increasing agni and our ability to “digest”.

*Deep breathing acts in a way to activate the lymphatic system-our bodies sewage system which helps to  to cleanse and detox our system so that they are working at optimal levels.

*When exhaling we release excess carbon dioxide so that we can bring in more oxygen into our body. Exhaling we remove a huge percentage of our toxins through our breath alone!!!! 

*Breathing increases prana-life force energy. Without it we wouldn’t he alive today. It’s what the Chinese call, CHI or Ki. Breathing facilitates the movement of Prana hence increasing our energy and well being. 

4)Exercise: Get moving! Remove any stagnation and heaviness that can manifest in darkness, heaviness, sadness, or an inability to create or do anything. Exercising, walking, Yoga, dancing are great ways to move energy and build heat in the body ( also a great way to detox) activating shakti aka creative energy.

5) Redefine yourSelf!  Go in your closet and re evaluate the things you don’t wear or are totally outdated. I like to have clothing swaps ( someones trash is someones else’s treasure) or donate to the goodwill. Recycle! Ahhh the joy of getting rid of things that no longer feel like me, feels sooooooooo good!!! Since we’re constantly changing anyways, why now choose to wear the things or don’t wear things that you are in alignment with who you are now!

I trust this finds you well!

Much Ease and Lightness on your journey towards a Healthier Vibrant Spring Season!



March 10, 2015 0 Comments