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EmBODYment Meditation

There’s plenty of ways to set goals and manifest your dreams into a reality. I use vision boards, journaling, dreams, sharing + saying my intentions aloud so the universe can REALLY hear me!

This is a meditation I started using with my clients that helps you embody what feelings or states of BEing you want to experience in your life once you achieve your goals. Many people are waiting to be happy or satisfied with life once they get what they want. Why not the other way around?! When we embody what we want, not only can you get closer to your goals, but you realize you’ve already got it. Here’s how!

Find a comfortable seat and start grounding your energy into your body as you slow down your breath. Sit quietly with the breath, ¬†smoothing out any wrinkles or ripples for the next couple minutes until you feel relaxed. Then visualize, yourself in your minds eye, achieving or acquiring whatever you want in life. Whether its losing weight, getting back to health, sleeping more, having your dream job, less angry, better skin, etc. Notice how your body (((feels))) when you see yourself as this “other” version of yourself.

What does that feel like, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually? When you feel healthy for example, you might feel more confident, relaxed, strong, happy, open, calm, content, fulfilled, secure ( positive feelings to uplift your energetic body)… Now sit with each emotion or state of being and REALLY FEEL IT. What it feels to fully embody it and what your life would even look like with this new attitude or character. What work life look like and how would this affect all your relationships with your family, friend, and love relationships? Most importantly the relationship you have with yourself.

Once you’ve gone through all the emotions and feeling states, start to become more aware of yourself in the room, sitting and breathing a little deeper. If your eyes are closed, open your eyes and notice how you feel. Try not to judge it, observe and sit with it for a minute.

The wonderful thing about this practice is, it can show you your own ability to experience what you already have. You know what it feels like because you’ve experienced it before, or you’ve seen it as a desired character in someone that inspires you. It was there all along. And the more you can connect with embodying what you already are, the universe brings you closer to what you want. It works quicker this way! Try it out, and let me know!