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What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda ( pronounced ah-yoor-vay-dah) 

Ayurveda is a comprehensive system of natural health care that comes from India. It dates back to 2000-5000 B.C. It is a natural, holistic, preventative, and therapeutic approach to wellness and good health. Ayurveda literally means the “science of  life.” One of the reasons why it is so unique compared to other holistic paths is because it addresses all aspects of one’s being: the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body.

Ayurveda is based upon the knowledge of ones constitution. It recognizes that the 5 elements of nature: earth, water, fire, air, and ether are present in all matter, and exist within each individual being. These elements manifest in a human being as the 3 basic principles or humors known as the Doshas: Vata, Pitta, Kapha. They govern all biological, psychological and physiological functions of the mind and body.

When your natural constitution becomes vitiated from the incorrect use of diet and lifestyle, imbalances are created in your constitution which may lead to ill health or dis-ease. Ayurveda’s goal is designed to promote human happiness, health and creative growth. It keeps the healthy maintain good health, and the dis-eased to regain their health. Most importantly it recognizes that we are an active participant in our own path to healing and so it asks the patient to take their health and healing into their own hands. This process can be very empowering and life transforming!

After studying Yoga forever, I discovered Ayurveda some years ago ( of course, sister sciences), and now I’m so grateful to be able to provide  guidance and the space to teach others how to understand their own body in relation to their daily routines and lifestyle. Essentially with Ayurveda, we find ways to “move” through the changes of life with ease and more awareness. I think its important to meet yourself where you’re are at and encourage yourself to commit to changing some of these old patterns to help promote longer lasting results. 

Ayurveda’s is based on the 3 Pillars of Life: sleeping, eating, and sex ( how we expend our daily energy). Because we are all different, Ayurveda’s treatments are specialized individually according to one’s Dosha or constitution. It carries the idea that ” one man’s food, is another man’s poison.”

It uses remedies such as: diet and nutrition, lifestyle counseling, cleansing therapies (Pancha Karma) , Bliss Body Therapies, Oleation Therapy, yoga, exercise, meditation, herbs, and aromatherapy to bring one back to balance.

On your journey to health, my goal is to bring compassion, patience, unconditional love and unwavering faith to meeting you wherever you’re at!

Who benefits?

Ayurveda provides natural and effective treatment for chronic conditions and for those suffering from digestive issues ( gas, bloating, constipation), anxiety, stress, women’s health issues, sleep imbalances, weight loss/gain, detoxification, and or if you are recovering from long term illness or surgery. Ayurveda also helps maintain health for those that are already feeling good. Why not take it a notch further?

I use a wide range of holistic and therapeutic modalities to optimize results in your health and healing. I will guide you to creating healthy patterns of living and empowering you with the tools to gain balance and achieve optimal health in all aspects of your life!