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The day couldn’t start any better than with a nice walk at the Palos Verdes Beaches and with my greatest companion Bodhi-Sattva. And i can’t forget my friend Shan and his little angel Gabriella ( his daughter) as we walked searching for sea animals and collecting rocks, jump roping with seaweed, and sitting around the beach creating our own ocean altar.

Then all this other stuff that was very tiring during the day, so i decided to stay home, work on my ayurvedic studies and make some reproductive ghee tonics!!!

I didnt mention the 5 days of Purva Karma I’ve been doing, today being the 5th day. Honoring this detox I wanted to keep the night calm and healing.
I have to admit, i feel pretty good, compared to all the other crazy detoxes and fasts I’ve done in the past, compared to all those,  this feels like a piece of cake! Although i can see how i could totally get sick of eating ghee ( clarified butter) and Kitchadee ( rice/mung bean cooked) every day.

*For those unfamiliar with Purva karma, it is part of an Ayurvedic detox program, which is basically the preparatory techniques taken  (that can last anywhere from 3-21 days -depending on your dosa) preparing the body properly to draw  ama (toxins)  into the Digestive System, eventually eiminating it from the body through the next phase ( Pancha karma). Not only does it include dietary outline :
~teas. of ghee daily, adding on extra tsp each day
~eating kitchadee
~sometimes takra (half yogurt/half water drink with digestive herbs)
which made it feel like i had other options than just kitchadee!

And body therapies such as self abhyangha ayurvedic massage, application of oils, neti pot, nasya, tongue scraping, meditation, and yoga.

Anyhow, i am only doing it for 5 days, and this is my first time doing it. I feel good, like i could keep on going!!!!
But since im not doing the full detox , i am doing a mini purgative tomorrow morn to get some of the gunk out!
I drank this mix called Avipattikar Churna which consists of these herbs mixed together to form a powder:

~trikatu, triphala, cyperus, vidanga, cardomom, cinnamon leaf, cloves, trivit, and raw sugar
(formula can vary slightly)

*Avipattikar works as a laxative, purgative, cholagogue, reduces pitta type problems such as headache, hyper acididty,  heart burn, etc.

 Actually, I can hear some gurgling now, so i think its doing it magic…

Also, as part of my intention this eve to observe silence and calm, i decided to make a reproductive ghee tonic just for me!!!

Its got some great herbs to tonify a womans reproductive organs and keep everything flowing and moving downwards where things need to go.

~Shatavari PV-K +(nutritive tonic, demulcent, emmenagogue, rejuvenative)
~Ashawagandha VK-P+  (tonic, rejuvenative, aprodisiac, nervine
~Rose VPK= (alterative, emmenagogue, nervine)
~Cardomom VK-P+ (dipana)

*Added into ghee so that its even more tonifying! Yeah!
I will have to post a picture of the ghee it came out very nice!

Anyways, its getting pretty late and it has been a pretty long day, so I will say adieu for now. Will keep you all posted!

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