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Benefits of Belly Dancing

August 11, 2012 1 Comment

I wanted to share a little bit about the benefits of Belly Dancing. *If you want to learn a little history ( her-story, really) about Belly dancing, you’ll have to come out tomorrow to Center Space at 1pm for an informative and very fun belly dance session, by your’s truly! (Check out my events page for more details)

When I was teaching belly dance classes on a regular basis, I noticed a huge difference in my mood, and how much more toned my arms and abs were, and in general how much stronger I felt! Those are great benefits that come with belly dancing! But there’s more! Check out this blog on WHY its so good for women to belly dance, especially pregnant women, and maybe it will get you to start dancing more!!!

Benefits, other than the fact that it’s really fun!!!

*Many of the movements open and strengthen the neck, chest and shoulders. The inner organs connected to your upper body are your heart and lungs. This creates more room in the upper body so that you can take in deeper breaths( nervous system calms down) and it also helps to keep the heart open and free!

*Belly dancing movements of the abdomen stimulate the digestive organs by bringing more blood and energy flow through the body increasing circulation through these internal organs, making them more efficient and healthy.

*The organs contained within the pelvis are the reproductive organs, bladder, and colon- this tones and stimulate these organs.

* The spine connects to all the organs through the nervous system and the connective tissue. It is said that the connective tissue is where we tend to hold trauma and pain. When we work out the tension in our connective tissues, it helps to release toxicity and “old stuff”. When all that “old stuff” burns away, consciousness increases and our mind is clearer. Who doesn’t want that, right?!

* The different parts of your body are linked to your spine, but the pelvis is like a basin that supports the whole body. Movements made by our body are dependent on the flexibility of the pelvic joints. By moving, shimmying, circling, and opening up the hips, we free any tension that may restrict movement of the hips and pelvis. That means more flexibility to the rest of your body!

*Belly dancing is a great way to connect with other wombyn, and most importantly to yourself. It is an opportunity to express yourself and to connect with yourself on a deeper level. It builds your self confidence and self esteem. It’s also a reminder of the divine feminine essence that we all posses, which is the power of creation, fertility, sensuality, sexuality, birth, rejuvenation, destruction (represented by our menses), nurturing, and love.

I hope you can join us tomorrow! If not, stay posted, I may do another belly dance workshop/class very soon!!!

With Joy,

  1. Melina Paris
    August 12, 2012 at 3:57 am

    I love all these bits of wisdom that you share Jenny, thank you. I’ll have to make one of these workshops soon!


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