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Cleansing vs. Not Cleansing

May 14, 2013 0 Comments

At least twice a year I do some sort of a cleanse. The last couple years its been the Ayurvedic kitcheree cleanse and during late spring I will juice in combination with the kitcheree. But this time around, Ill be honest, I didn’t feel like doing it. Well, my body does. But with my erratic schedule lately, I realized that it would be difficult to take off 5-7 days and dedicate it solely to cleansing.

SO, I decided for the next 40 days, to cleanse a little every day. Rather than condensing it all in 5-7 days or not cleansing at all, to sparse it out within the next 40 days. I decided that I would eat kitcheree and drink a green juice daily. So far so good…Im on day 8!

Many times in our culture there’s this thought that we gotta bang it out all at once. This is great if you have the capacity to do that. Space and time is required, and possibly taking time off work would help with that. But what if you want to cleanse but your schedule doesn’t allow it to? The reality for many of us is that, its impossible to do that.

So how to make the best with what you got?! That’s the best place to start. Meeting your needs with wherever you are at, is essential. Taking the route that I did, I feel less stressed out about having to cleanse. And I can pace myself. I feel more balanced and healthy already!!!

Cheers to juicing, to good health, and stressing less about trying to get healthy! Haha!
Miss J

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