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Finding Your Still Point

August 27, 2013 0 Comments

I’m in San Francisco attending Judith Lasater’s Restorative Therapeutics Teacher Training (waited years for this!!). This is the first time in a really long time that I actually took a break from “work” and So Cal for more than a weekend. Can’t believe it took me this long!! Monday was the first day, and I observed my resistance to learning and stilling…I always remind my students that relaxation is a skill and something we have to practice. Now it’s my time to practice :)

So I sit with it and allow it to be what it is. As the days progress I can feel things start to shift.

Something profound Judith constantly reminds us about this week is finding our still point. I love this phrase. Still. Point. The point of stillness where everything is as it is. She tells us to find repose in each Yoga pose, even if its not your favorite. Find it, and you will find peace. And if we are not cultivating peace and tranquility in our lives, what are we cultivating? We cannot change the suffering of the past, or the pain we are going through, but we sure can change whats to come. Whats the secret to avoiding this pain and suffering? As Judith says, ” be radically present so that the choices we make now will effect our future.” Towards peace and tranquility that is!

So what are those choices? They are choices we make every day, whether they be in our minds as thoughts, the words we speak, the actions we take. And there are many opportunities: when you’re stuck in traffic, you go there. When you’re having a fight with your partner, you go there. In an awkward moment, you go there. Someone agitates you, you go there.

Its about finding a moment, a window where you stop, let down the defenses and check in, and say okay, I’m okay here. No drama. And then something will shift within. Because that’s where it starts.

I truly believe that it takes us from going from one edge to the opposite to find that balance. That Still. Point. At least that has been my experience in the past.

Now this takes practice. And as my dad has always said, practice makes perfect!

So here I go! And I invite you to join me, because all there is to lose, is suffering and pain.

Happy September, Folks!

Love Jennyogini








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