Full Moon Basking

September 28, 2012 0 Comments

I remember when I lived in Costa Rica, out in nature and in the jungle, I could always see where the moon was, and which cycle she was in. Whether if it was full, dark, waning, waxing…

There was a single road from my house to the main tourist town where I was living about 7-8 years ago, and it was about 8 kilometers of a bike ride. I rode a lot in the evening, because I worked mostly in the night ( fire-dancing) and at that time, it was fun and so easy to go out dancing!

So when I would ride to town and back that’s when I would notice where the moon was. And I remember feeling extremely grateful when the moon was full!!! So much light!! I could actually see where I was going, and avoid all the potholes in the road!

Present day: I live in a suburban type city, and there is a lot of artificial lighting and distractions. Very easy to forget there even is a moon!

Well did you know that there is a huge link to light, and how that effects our nervous system and hormonal balance? You have heard of animals changing their behaviors such as reproduction, hibernation, and migration based on the season. It is believed that animals perceive the change of seasons by the patterns of light and dark.

Scientists still don’t really know what exactly hormones are and what they do, but they speculate that light plays a huge role on our hormonal balance and internal bio-rhythms. For example, many of you have heard about Seattle, Washington and the rise of depression and suicide?!

The reason Seattle is known for SAD is related to geography. Seattle is the most northern-located major city in the USA(outside of Alaska), on a higher latitude than Quebec City, Quebec(at almost 48 degrees north latitude). The northern location means the sun will set much earlier than most locations. I lived in the Seattle area when I was in kindergarten and I remember coming home afterschool and it was still light outside and then it quickly became dark outside(in a period of about 2 hours or so assuming I came home around 2:45 PM or 3PM). The short days followed by a constant cloud cover can drive down serotonin levels.” Low serotonin levels can cause states of depression or sadness.

*One of the reasons I started the Full Moon Practice was for myself so that I could connect once again with the moon’s energy. I knew that being in sync with the moon’s cycle will help bring balance to my sometimes-challenging menstrual cycle. Even when closely living or surrounded by other wombyn when on their cycles, tends to affect our own menstrual cycles, right?!
I know that if my cycle is in balance, I feel overall more balanced and at peace. I truly do believe that our connection with nature is so vital for our health and well being.

Ladies, if you cannot join me on the monthly full moon hikes, then I encourage you to take a stroll through your neighborhood, or sit outside and bask in the full moon light. See if you notice any changes within yourself…and at the least, you will feel much more connected to the world around you. This will increase your awareness of your own sense of self, as well as who and what you surround yourself with, and this will help you to make more balanced choices in your life!

Our next full moon, and hike is tomorrow! Friday, Sept 28th at Del Cerro Park in Palos Verdes. 730pm!

Happy Full Moon!!

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