Hibernating sort of…*Festivities* and ~Blessings~

December 4, 2013 1 Comment


Bears and animals hibernate during the winter and save their stored energy for the spring. I plan on learning from my fellow animal beings and do the same this month. I’d like to take the whole winter off ( except for 3rd Saturday Community Clinics and Sacred Roots Winter Solstice Gathering) but will resume with regular events and workshops in January. January is an exciting and creative time for me and  I love to start the year off with a clean slate. Right now I am in the midst of reevaluating my intentions and focus for the new year and I foresee many changes to come…

Counting Blessings

Someone told me that as part of their spiritual practice, they would take the evening before bed to count 10 things that they are grateful for. I really liked that idea, so I’ve adopted it myself. It reminds me that there is SO much to be grateful for!!! And looking back on this year thus far and the rest of my life, so much has happened. I know that I am always supported and guided. Sacred Roots happened, I moved out of my parents house finally, I discovered love, traveled to places  I’ve always wanted to visit, met many teachers that inspire me, and much more… This was a really powerful year and look forward to the new adventures and opportunities that await in 2014!

Here are a couple things that have inspired me this year:

*Joshua Tree-its so lovely there and so close to us! Plus they have sound baths on the weekends!

*My mentor and Yoga teacher Jeanne Heileman’s Yoga classes always makes me feel SO much more clear headed and inspired to continue doing what I do!

*Restorative Yoga! I love it! Makes me feel so much more open, calm, and renewed. Especially on days when I am tired and want to to practice less actively.

*Suzanne Toro’s women’s circle on Embodying Feminine Bliss. I feel so healed and nourished in these gatherings and always look forward to connecting with my sisters in such an intimate and loving way.

*Sacred Roots! I love it there, I feel so at ~Peace~ and I appreciate all the talented practitioners there that have helped heal me on so many levels.

These things have really kept me “sane” and helped me to grow out of the darkness that sometimes seems so dense and scary, and to be open to the light and  love that is available in my life. 

I’m sensing a lot of changes in the upcoming year, I’m even reevaluating what I want to focus my life and work on…so stay tuned for more details! Loving you all!!!




  1. Melina Paris
    December 5, 2013 at 8:58 am

    Excited to hear about your upcoming changes Jenny, thanks always for the inspired words!


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