How to make a Vision Board

June 20, 2013 0 Comments

It starts out as a dream, a thought…

and then maybe you write it out or journal ( as I would do) maybe tell a friend it makes it more real…and then next thing you know its happening…

Since I was a wee girl, I wrote in my journal a bunch. Always wrote lists of things that I wanted to do…and when I look back, I see that I’ve accomplished most of those things! I’m a real visual learner so seeing it on paper or in front of me makes it more real.

Couple years ago I started to make vision boards. I was surprised that many people didn’t know what they were. It’s really a fun process and so easy!

Here’s how you do it:

*Set the sacred space (light some candles, incense, music, set an intention)
*Gather your friends or do it alone, your choice
*Get a bunch of magazines, glue, and scissors
*Start cutting out images, words, phrases that represent your dreams and visions that you want to manifest in your life.

I always loved making collages when I was younger and once I found out about vision boards, it gave me a reason to get creative with collages again!

So it was last year in Aug that I had a Full Moon Vision Board gathering, and now it’s come full circle. I feel that my visions and dreams for last year had been fulfilled and it feels like I’m in need of a tune up! Ha. This Full Moon coming up and Summer Solstice is the prefect time to bring in new energy and intentions into my life. I welcome it!

***This upcoming Saturday evening 630pm-830pm join me for my Wombyn’s Full Moon Vision Board gathering. It will be held at the beautiful Sacred Roots in Long Beach. Feel free to bring snacks and goodies to share with your sisters. Also please bring a $2 donation for the space rental, and if you can bring extra scissors, boards, glues and any unused magazines.

Looking forward to this time with my sisters, and sharing our visions and holding that space for one another!!! See you soon!!!


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