How to Transition with Ease and Grace this Fall ( Vata) Season

October 4, 2013 1 Comment

Wow, talk about shifts and changes. Not only is the season and weather slowly changing, but I’m encountering many changes in my life currently. I returned home from New York a couple days ago to news of a 30 day leave of notice from my sweet home I’ve been cultivating over the last 8 months… Once again my partner is taking off for a month and a half work trip…Believe it or not, the weather alone was enough to cause minor shifts in my health ( go figure, the sensitive being that I am). And after talking with a couple friends I guess I’m not the only one going through major changes right now.

What can we do to prepare for change, at times the most overwhelming thing that can happen in our live it seems. And how can we transition with a sense of grace and ease?

This is an interesting time, shifting from summer to fall. We move from Pitta Season (fire and water element dominant season) to Vata Season ( Air and ether element dominant season). You can see the qualities of Vata as light, dry, rough, cold, and subtle and as a time of great movement and change. Transitions are always easiest when prepared especially for those of us succeptible to high Vata. Our culture naturally breeds excess Vata Dosha. So most of us are all Vata vitiated. What does that mean?

What Ayurveda teaches us is that Like increases Like. When Vata dosha qualities ( light, dry, cold, rough, subtle) are increased in ones diet, routine, and lifestyle choices this will naturally increase Vata dosha. For example:

*Excess driving and/or traveling

*Stimulation from electronics

*Any change or shifts whether internal or external push Vata ( weather change)

*Busy lifestyles

*Eating cold, dry, light, crunchy foods.


This results in an imbalance in body and mind.

Here are some signs of excess Vata Dosha:

*In the body: Constipation, gas, bloating, dry skin, dry membranes

*In the mind: Overwhelm, anxiety, fear, restlessness, indecisiveness

What are some Vata Reducing activities or qualities that we can incorporate to bring more balance and peace into our lives. Especially through the seasonal changes and shifts in our lives? According to Ayurvedic wisdom, if like increases like, and opposites cure!

Here are ways in which you can cultivate more calming grounding practices as we transition into the new season and the hectic Holy-Daze that is just around the corner:

*Make sure to Eat: warm, moist, heavy, grounding foods such as whole grains, sweet veggies such as beets, pumpkins, squashes, and warm spices and teas. Maybe add extra ghee or oils to your diet. Avoid eating crunchy, rough, light foods such as raw foods, dry nuts and seeds, and crackers and rice chips.

*Warm Abyangha Daily Massage:  Warm up sesame oil ( heaviest and warming of all oils) and apply all over the body vigorously before showering.

*Reduce over stimulation of activities and travel: Stay connected to things that keep you grounded and calm. And if you don’t know what that is, then remember to do less!

*Meditation and mantra: Keeps the mind calm, focused and grounded.

*Yoga: Slow it down and practice in a way that don’t disturb your vata. This goes for all routines and exercises in your life.

*Take Triphala:  An Ayurvedic herbal blend great for keeping things flowing. It also helps to  tonify and rejuvenate the colon( the seat of Vata).

*This would be the best time to detox! Clearing away the summer heat so that we can cultivate a balanced vata state in body and mind. When Vata Dosha is in balance, one may feel creative, enthusiastic, and inspired. This month I’ll be offering a workshop on Ayruvedic Kitcheree Detox  at Sacred Roots. Please join me if you can!


Life is ultimately about finding balance and peace. Let every step in action, speech and thought reflect that which you want to cultivate deeper in your life.  

Blessings and Happy Fall!!!



  1. Melina Paris
    October 8, 2013 at 4:21 pm

    Thanks Jenny, great blog again. I need to get my Kitcheree on!


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