It’s Detox Time!

September 13, 2012 0 Comments

Have you walked into a health food store lately and noticed that the Master Cleanse has taken over the aisles? Why is it that detox “season” always seems to roll around Fall and Spring?

Well according to Ayurveda, we are transitioning into Vata season. What does this mean? Well, you’ll notice that in the fall and early winter, the weather will change and become much cooler, and even windier. Leaves start to change colors and dry up, and fall to the earth. These environmental changes will start to affect our bodies as well as our minds and emotions. (for we are a microcosm of the great macrocosm!) Our skin may become dry, joints may crackle, and excess wind may put our nerves and minds at risk of feeling flighty and ungrounded. * Also once Fall hits, it seems that time has sped up. The holidaze are here, and that may bring some anxiety for people.

Detoxing is a great way to reset your body and mind, back to a place of balance. Fall and Spring are considered the best time to detox because our bodies are naturally in detox mode, and when we go though a detoxification therapy, we are aiding and facilitating that process to flow more smoothly and easily.

What are signs of toxins in the body?

*feeling heavy, lethargic, fatigue, odor, cloudy and foggy mind, achy joints, digestive system impairement, sexual debility, emotional imbalance, a tendency towards foods that make you feel bad, etc

Sound familiar?!

We all know that when we are feeling healthy and alive, we are able to function better on all levels: mentally, emotionally, physically, at play, at Work, and in our relationships with others

And when we are not, we might feel “stuck” and may not even know how we got there in the first place, or how to get out of it!


I have been an avid cleanser and dieter ( vegan, veggie, candida diet, juicing, raw foods, macrobiotics, etc. YOU NAME IT!!!) The results were not consistent, and if they were, long term use would create some sort of issues. ( maybe I wasn’t meant to do them for so long, according to my constitution) It wasn’t until I learned about HOW Ayurveda approaches detoxification, diet, and nutrition…that I could incorporate that knowledge, and apply it to the other paths that I learned so much from: to create balance in my diet and detoxifying ways.

What I love most about Ayurvedic Detoxification, is that you still get to eat!!! KITCHEREE!!!!!! (A mix of mung beans, rice, herbs, and your favorite veggies!!!)
So cleansing, yet nourishing at the same time! ( We need that when were cleansing! Esp the nourishing part)

There are many other benefits to detoxing and Ayurveda, and I’d love more than anything to share that information with you!

Please join me this Saturday for an amazing Ayurvedic Detox Workshop with, your’s truly! We will talk more into detail of the Ayurvedic process of detoxification, and make kitcheree together!! We’ll also be going over the different body therapies used to aid the body in that process, and how fun it can be!
Korean sauna trip after if anyone is interested!

I look forward to seeing you there!!
So much love!

***Check out my schedule on events, or text/call me at 562 338 5255 to reserve your space!

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