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Manifesting and Learning to Ask for Help (Part 1)

March 4, 2014 2 Comments

It seems we humans think that we can do it all. Lets face it, we can’t. We can accomplish a lot, BUT with a price. Through all the busy-ness that life brings, I’ve learned that asking for help is essential. And maybe for some of us learning to ask for help is the first challenge we must work through…

When I first hurt my back, I complained and moaned about how much pain I was in. In retrospect and reflecting on my actions during that time I realized that what I needed was support.  I was seeking attention but didn’t know how to ask for it probably because I wasn’t comfortable asking for help. And sometimes its okay to admit that you can’t ( I don’t mean big dreams and cool things like that, I mean all the tasks and tedious things we have to do day in and day out.) It’s this mentality that is ingrained in our culture that WE CAN DO IT ALL! Well, when I realized that in order to to regain my health, I needed to reach outside of myself and get the help that eventually helped me get through some tough times…

The reality is that WE ALL got a lot going on which can create a lot of pressure and stress in our lives. And I can’t complain, I ‘m so blessed I look around me and I live in abundance! When I wake up, I give thanks to all the beauty~full people in my life, nourishment that the earth provides me so gracefully without struggle, Sacred Roots: I give thanks to EVERY DAY to a space that allows me to live out all my dreams, for community and Long Beach for accepting me with such open arms, and the very breath that I breath that give me life.

In the midst of the all madness and busy~ness of life, I turn to my daily practice to stay healthy and balanced. I make time for just me, and its okay to be self centered that way( no guilt).

Especially mother’s, care-takers, body workers, people in relationships, they give SO much to others, and if theres no reserve how can we give fully of ourselves?

*Self care is SO important, and I can’t express that enough. When I look through all of my blogs, the underlying theme to staying balanced starts with taking care of you!! MAKE IT HAPPEN!

And it’s okay to admit you can’t do it all, when thats the case, reach out for help. What I  have realized is that people want to help! So all you have to do is ask, and graciously receive it ( also takes practice) And GRATITUDE! Always remember to count your blessings! It gets you to focus on the goodness and joy that pervades the very cell of your being and focuses on the light, and not the dark. Remember that your thoughts create your reality, and we have the ability to manifest all that we want in this world! It starts with YOU…


  1. Thuha
    March 6, 2014 at 8:44 pm

    Thanks, Jenny!

  2. lien
    April 4, 2014 at 11:34 am

    Thanks Jenny for sharing.

    I have some thoughts about this phrase ‘Especially mother’s, care-takers, body workers, people in relationships, they give SO much to others, and if there’s no reserve how can we give fully of ourselves?’ … i wonder when people choose to do something for someone do they really want to give without getting anything in return or in the act of so-called ‘giving’ they are also getting something out of it, there is an actual need inside of them to do so


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