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Menstruation and PMS!

December 5, 2012 0 Comments

I think I’m pms’ing right now. I’m feeling quite irritable and angry when I wake up in the morning. At least for the last couple days.I get the occasional bloating and tiredness but its been a whiles since I’ve felt this way…I dont know if it was that meat I consumed the other day. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a grass fed happy cow unfortunate to say. Maybe I’ve taken on some of that intense energy from eating meat? I am pretty sensitive to that. Maybe it’s the build up of my busy month and now I’m feeling the overwhelm and my body and mind aren’t sure how to deal with this.

I’ve heard that when you are pms’ing this is the “real” you. That wombyn have the tendency to repress their emotions and feelings, and then when our hormones are surging we can’t help but express what we’ve pushed aside. We become sensitive and it’s hard to hold back what we’ve been feeling or not allowing ourselves to feel.

In ancient times, when the feminine was respected and the earth was celebrated. Wombyn from different cultures had something they shared in common. They would take the time aside to rest and nurture themselves when they were bleeding. They knew that this was a sacred time to honor our womb’s and minds as it is a time for cleansing and renewal. Take for example when you are about to start a cleanse. We have to mentally prepare for this journey and its essential that we make the space and time for this.

In Vedic and Native American cultures, womyb would have a separate “room” or space where they could retreat and be among themselves to slow down and nurture their visions and intentions. Wombyn are actually more sensitive before and during our menses and our body is preparing to cleanse and draw within. No wonder we feel the way we do when we are bleeding!

Blood was considered very sacred in ancient cultures because they knew the power of our menses and this cleansing period was in preparation for the creation of life.

I’ve become so obsessed with this whole blood thing because it really fascinates me. The more I research about blood, the more interesting things I seem to learn about it!!! One last thing, did you know our menstrual blood is the only blood in the body that does not clot, and that it is rich with stem cells? *Stem cells is what scientists are using now to regrow different body parts and regenerate tissues in the body.

I am going to teach a workshop more in depth about Menstruation, hormones, moon cycles, Yoga and Ayurveda this Friday at Trilogy Yoga Studio! Come check it out! You get to learn more about this amazing thing that happens to us every month!!!

See you there!
With Love and PMS,


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