Moon Basking Sadhana

December 3, 2013 0 Comments

-moon-aIn Vedic practices and native cultures where the earth is celebrated and revered upon, wombyn would gather around the days of the full moon to bathe, walk in the moonlight, and gather to sing, dance or meditate beneath the Full Moon.

Ayurveda and other ancient earth bound people recognized that the moon significantly influenced a womyns bio-rythmns and that their minds, bodies, and spirits were intricately connected to her cycles.
When a womyns cycle is in sync with the moon, she remains in harmony with the cycles of nature, her surroundings, and with her Self.

*In observance of the full moon, we take a monthly full moon hike at least one day before or after, or on the full moon. Typically near a body of water which heightens the effects of the radiant light from the full moon.

The walk is sacred, at times in silence, and at others with laughter and an opportunity to share our stories with one another. We always reach the peak of our walk with a meditation and sometimes a song or something we can all do together.

This is a powerful practice that syncs our cycle back to the new moon when it is intended that we bleed. Without having to take any hormones or medicine, we bring our hormones into balance and thus in sync once again with the earth. When we bleed with the new moon we recognize that the darkness is a time where we retreat, rest, and begin to set our intentions and visions, for the following full moon.

I hope you can join us on our walk, soon! It takes place once a month on or around the days of the full moon in a place in nature. See you soon!


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