Moon Time!

January 13, 2012 0 Comments

My friend just shared with me a great website/forum where womyn can find support, inspiration, and resources about our menstrual cycles! Here is the site!

You can also find ways to create more ritual around your cycle, such as the act of going into the “red tent” without actually going into a tent.

This is really inspiring for me because I feel that there has been lost knowledge and/or misinterpreted ideals and taboos that surround our moon times. Its really sad, not only are men completely disconnected from it, but the womyn themselves who bleed do as well. As usual, mainstream culture only seems to perpetuate a negative feeling about “that time of the month” instead of empowering or educating womyn on whats really happening to a womyn when she is bleeding ( physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually).

For example, bleeding and the new moon represent a time of darkness and no-thingness when we have the ability to go deeper into the self, and really listen. Its a time when we are able have visions for what it is that we really want to create for ourselves and our planet. A time to shed out with the old, and create space for something new. We really are given an opportunity to “slow down” for a reason! And we should take advantage of it!!

When we are connected to our bodily rhythms and the cycles with nature, we realize that we really are just ONE cycle. With the demands of life and our concrete environment,  sometimes its not as easy to stay connected. But there are tools and rituals you can create to keep the sacred alive in all things.

That is why I am happy to have found this forum!
It’s inspiring, supportive of who and where I am going on this path as a womyn, and I feel that I am not alone. That there are other warrioress’s that are also sharing and holding space for other womyn to find the womb-moon within. We cannot rely on others to do the work, if we want to see change, we womyn have to do the work!!

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