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My Journey towards Healing the Womb~one Within.

April 3, 2013 2 Comments

Growing up in a somewhat strict Korean upbringing was a struggle for someone who was always rebelling and making her own rules. I didn’t seem to fit the stereotype Korean girl…nor did I fit into any other type of labels or groups. I rejected the cultural and social norms that I felt I had to fulfill as a Korean American women and daughter. It wasn’t until I was in high school and found my feminist sisters that I felt empowered to release all the should’s and shouldn’ts of what it was to be a woman and create my own ideals.

What I didn’t realize (consciously at least), was that I was a total man hater and that I kinda went about it the “wrong” way. I guess there really is no wrong or right and it just was what it was. But I didn’t know better. I was driven by hate and anger towards men and felt victimized and oppressed. Now that I look back I see how I was inflicting those feelings of inferiority on myself to have a reason to hate and blame, rather than take responsibility and step up to my feminine power.

Just like me, my role models were angry at men and they were working their own shit out whilst in the process of being the best women they could be. Their role models growing up were the same women they despised and those were the women they didn’t want to become. So we knew what we didn’t want, but what positive role models did we have in our lives that showed us what we did want to become?

What helped heal me on this journey towards woman-hood was by surrounding myself by women who embodied the qualities of balanced feminine energy. A woman who is strong, confident, creative, positive, optimistic, nurturing, giving, loving, compassionate, truthful, protector. I realized we are attracted to people and things that inspire us because deep down these are qualities in us already, they just need to be cultivated and brought forth.

So when I discovered women gatherings in my late teens/early 20’s I was blown away! All these amazing women of different backgrounds and ages coming together was awe inspiring. It wasn’t about hating on men but about empowering one another to grow, commune, support and learn from one another’s experience.
I continued to search for these sister circles that helped me to see my own strengths and struggles as normal, and to feel supported and seen.

I always feel SO nourished when I am the group of my sisters. I want to give back to the women in my community what I’ve received.

SO! Starting this April I am going to be holding space for 3 beautiful wombyn gatherings! It started with my monthly womybns full moon walks which are so wonderful and nourishing on many different levels.

There’s the 2nd Friday Wise Wombyn’s Healing lectures and workshops where essentially I’ll be featuring women who inspire me and who are offering unique gifts to share with our community of women.

And starting this week on Wednesdays I’ll be hosting Suzanne Toro at Sacred Roots who’s going to be holding a bi-weekly wombyns circle on Balancing the Feminine.

The theme this year for me has been BALANCE. As I mentioned in my last blog, in order to be in my feminine, I have to embrace the masculine! And to be balanced in the masculine, one must embrace the feminine. Cultivating these forces has been a joy and great learning experience. I look forward to sharing and learning more from you! Stay tuned, more to come!!!

Miss J

  1. Laura Aloha
    April 4, 2013 at 6:24 pm

    Aloha My Lovely Jenny, I just adore you and Iam soooooo blesssed to know YOU!!!!! I loved what you wrote miss your awesome yogi classes and I sure hope that I see you on first friday,,,,I will be going with Maria…..Love and Peace to YOU always!!!!! Namaste… oh I got the book that you recommended…The Four Desires cannot wait to start reading it…Namaste…..Laura Aloha…..xoxooxox

  2. Elisa
    April 11, 2013 at 6:43 pm

    Beautiful! I’m so blessed to have you in my life as a teacher, friend, sister.. you’re a dear, powerful spirit with many gifts and much wisdom to share.. Thank you for allowing me into your life <3

    Siempre contigo! Pero te quiero ver pronto! :)



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