New Yoga Classes and Upcoming Workshops in August!

July 26, 2011 1 Comment

So! There’s lots of new things going on, as usual things are constantly changing and evolving. Whats helped me most in life lately is to go with the flow of things, and trust that all is well in what already is. Although sometimes  I feel the need to create changes that will make my life a lot easier, and happier. I think its a good idea to evaulate where we are in life and make the changes that are supporting our intentions and realizations. I believe that this is about that time!

I am so blessed and happy to announce a new class that I will be starting at TrilogyYoga, which is a Donation based Yoga Studio in Long Beach!

*Mondays at 430pm

**The idea of the class was birthed from the inspirations that arose out of the practices from my teachers Jeanne Heileman and Rod Stryker. The theme of Tantra will stream through the Asana, meditation, and pranayama practices.

********Here is a description of the class:

*Open to All Levels

“When the moon is made steady, the sun can rise” Gheranda Samhita

This class is focused on asana (poses) meditation, pranayama, and tradtitional Hatha Yoga Practices that honor and create balance within the energies of the Sun  (Prana~Life-Fire) and Moon (Chitta-Mind).

It is when we create balance within the mind(calm and steady) and our prana (higher perception) that we begin to access our Agni (Fire). Our Shakti is more powerful than we can imagine! As we begin to access this power, let us prepare the body and mind, so that we may experience light/life to our fullest potential!
For more info please go to:

************************UPCOMING WORKSHOPS IN AUGUST**********************

On August 12th Friday Evening from 7-9pm at Free Spirit Yoga studio, Join me for a Full Moon Flow with live music accompanied by my dear friend and beauty~full singer and songwriter Joy Shannon. She will accompany our practice and meditations on her harp and harmonium, and grace us with her talents and voice into a deeper practice! Its going to be on a Full Moon and will be very Powerful!!!!

For more info:

To hear more of Joy’s Music go to:


I will also be collaborating with a fellow Yogi and Artist Travis Ott-Conn at Omadawn Yoga Studio on Saturday August 27th (2-4pm) for Partner Yoga and Thai Yoga Massage Fun!!!! All levels welcome and you dont need a partner to come, we will pair you up!!!!

If you are interested in the workshop check out:


Tomorrow morning I take off for Northern California! First stop is to San Fran to see all my dearest friends, and then to Harbin Hot Springs for watsu ( water massage ) and hot springs delight! Then off to Wanderlust for Yoga and Kirtan, and another opportunity to learn and study from the divine teacher Rod Stryker! Ill be back in a week with more goodies and things to share! I cant wait!

In Divine and Blessed Love,

  1. awakeningyogi
    July 26, 2011 at 5:04 am

    Classes at Trilogy start 2nd mon of august!


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