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Re-emergence of the Feminine

August 20, 2013 1 Comment

The image of the Goddess always intrigued me. There was a deep yearning to understand the meaning behind these beautiful and some fierce deities such as Kali ( Hindu Goddess of Destruction). Later did I realize that the Gods and Goddesses represent qualities that we all possess. And that the masculine and feminine forces were also represented within the Gods and Goddesses.

Nevertheless, it was always a mystery to me, especially the feminine. Now I understand and have learned that in many cultures and spiritual traditions, the feminine is represented by the moon. Like the moon, She is mysterious, multifaceted, dark, constantly changing, introverted as the night, emotional( her ties to the water element which is associated with the emotions) …

The masculine on the other hand is represented as the sun. Constant and continuous as it rises and sets day to day, single focused, directed energy, extroverted, light and power-full…

I used to deny my masculinity. Living in a patriarchal and very masculine society I rebelled against it. But now I know that not one or the other is better, but to be balanced, we must cultivate both the masculine and feminine energies.

A big part of my journey this year was to cultivate exactly that. And to embody that, I had to understand it first. I felt disconnected from it…especially my feminine. I will share with you some things that supported me on my journey towards cultivating the feminine.

How to Cultivate the Feminine:

( I’m going to omit the part on how to cultivate the masculine since our culture and most others are already living in a masculine, yang, driven, do-do-do dominated state of being. And some of us can really benefit by cultivating more masculine energy, for sure!! But I’m going to focus on how to get in touch with your feminine energy. These practices are not only for women ( except for the first one) Men can practice them too!!

*Join a womb(ens) group and connect with your SiStars! So empowering and it allows you to use that part of your brain where intuition lies, and to be in a space where its okay to express and cultivate that part of you.

*Walk under the Full Moon or in nature, and connect with Her. She ( the moon) is the force that guides our cycle and womb! And nature is feminine. She does no-thing and exudes beauty!

*Practice listening and being, vs. talking and doing all the time. Our culture is dominated by activity and movement and lessens the value of just being. Be okay doing No-thing!

*Connect with the element of water: Take a bath, swim in a lake or ocean, go to the korean sauna! So healing and power-full! It will remind you of your fluid, feminine flowing, nature.

So this whole re-emergence of the feminine you have been hearing about isn’t about going back to matriarchal times or women taking over the world, but a re-emergence, re connecting, and respect for the feminine….

More to come on this topic!! Stay tuned!



  1. Shelby
    August 21, 2013 at 10:37 pm

    Great advice Jenny! When is the next time you’re going to the Korean Day spa?


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