Restorative Yoga

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Whenever I am giving a workshop, the week of I tend to have my life revolve around whatever theme it is that I am working with. This week its Restorative Yoga!

Finding Judith Hanson Lasater’s Restore and Renew Restorative Yoga Training a couple years ago,  changed my life forever. I mean the way that I practice, and the way that I teach now has completely shifted.

Prior to taking her training I realized that the way that I had been practicing Yoga was not only detrimental to the health of my already debilitated and broken body ( bio) but it was creating more pain and suffering in all aspects of my life. The cycle of pain and practicing with out awareness of what was happening to my body, was destroying me. I thought that I would never practice Yoga again. After coming to some pretty deep realizations and acceptance of what already was, I realized that I could practice, just differently.

Through my experience with pain, injury and recovering slowly but surely, I realized that I wanted to help my students through their difficulties. For the first time I felt like I could really understand what other’s could be going through when dealing with pain.

After going through Judith’s training and healing myself, I realized that bringing the mind and nervous system to a state of relaxation the way that restorative yoga allows one to, was the way to healing.

Let me say that studying with Judith has been such a blessing! She has been teaching for 30 plus years and has studied with B.K.S.Iyengar extensively, she has a doctorate in Eastern and Western Psychology and is a physical therapist. Besides all that, if you’ve ever studied with her, you know that she teaches from a place of deep understanding and experience of the human body, especially through injury and pain. She is a vast source of wisdom and is a living embodiment of what Yoga represents. If you’d like more information on Judith, click here for more information.

 So as I am preparing for my Restorative Yoga Workshop this Sunday, I decided to browse through some writing that might help people get a better idea of what restorative yoga is, and how it can help you. Here’s an article from Yoga Journal that might help if you are a newbie to all of this  click here

And remember that its not WHAT we do, but HOW we do it!


*Restorative Workshop this Sunday April 29th from 2-430 pm at Free Spirit Yoga Studio in Bixby Knolls Long Beachsign up here. Live music with harpist Joy Shannon. She is amazing!!! Check her out at We are limiting the workshop to 10 people and we’ve got 8 signed up already! So if you miss this one, join my mailing list or stay posted for the next restorative!!!

With Love and Light

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