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Self Massage::::Self Care::::Self Love

May 3, 2015 1 Comment

Wow, its been a couple months since I’ve connected through my blogs and podcast…Life has taken me on a couple turns ( sharp ones too) and new bridges to cross in the last couple months. And there have been many changes in my life ( personal, work, general) and so  s p a c e  has been a great blessing to gain ~clarity~ and right vision. I feel inspired to write and connect with you all again to share my life story and inspirations , which deeply feeds my soul and helps me organize my thoughts…One thing I do want to share with you is my decision to go back to school to study Acupuncture!!! I’m super excited and I will definitely keep you posted on that one…


On the other hand, I just got back from leading a Senior Yoga Retreat in Lake Arrowhead. I led a group of 5 women from my Yoga class at Leisure World in Seal Beach, Ca. where I teach a couple times a week. It was relaxing, nourishing, peaceful, inspiring, and healing on many levels for myself and for all the participants.

During this weekend we ate delicious meals, practiced Yoga, and hiked around the lake.  But what might’ve been one of the most profound things we did this weekend, for me at least, was to teach everyone how to do *Abyangha* an Ayurvedic Self Daily Massage. 

The word oil in sanskrit is sneha, which means  “to love” . I taught my students how using warm oils and deliberately massaging it into our bodies is a radical form of self care and self love.  The benefits of massage and touch are so important and it can help improve our health in so many ways. Yet I think the actual practice of it is even more powerful! Taking a moment out of our busy day to give to ourself a massage sends a message to our psyche and being- How important we truly are to receive this nourishment and self care! It’s so easy to get caught up with life or we worry so much about others that we have forgotten about ourself. This is a fabulous practice to integrate into your self care regime and it cultivates more self-awareness and self love. I recommend it to everyone or at least give it a try!  

Benefits to Massage:

*Cleanses the lymphatic system our sewage system

*improves circulation and blood flow

*improves elasticity of the skin and promotes luster 

*a natural emollient, oil cleanses our skin

*provides a shield to protect our skin and body from outside pathogens 

*releases endorphins, bodies natural pain killers and anti-inflammatory 

*decrease in stress hormones cortisol which causes aging and dis-ease. Thus increasing immune functions and wound healing

*Grounding and helps center your mind

*improves your self esteem

*And as we age, the elasticity in our skin and muscle tone diminishes. Our skin is so much more sensitive and our minds can be spacier than ever ( vata stage of life). Oils are heavier and moist and help to combat and balance the “lightness” and airiness aging may bring. 


Warm up some oil. Coconut oil is cooling and best for summer or people experiencing excess heat or heat conditions. Sesame and sunflower is a gentle blend for most types of constitutions. Apply a liberal amount to your body starting from the crown of your head and down towards your feet ( grounding effect). Massage circles towards the heart and longer strokes on areas of length. Finish with a warm shower or bath and wipe oil off with a towel when complete. * Massage can take anywhere from 5-20 minutes depending on how much time you have)

I trust this finds you all well!!

Blessings and Happy Abyangha! 


  1. Rajesh
    July 27, 2015 at 11:37 pm

    Looks amazing. I’ll definitely try all these during the weekend!


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