The LBC Yoga Mala: Benefit to Stop Sex Trafficking this Saturday!

October 24, 2012 0 Comments

I am honored to announce that this Saturday, I will be partaking in the Long Beach, “Off the Mat and into the World” Fundraiser to stop sex trafficking.

The 108 Sun Salutations is a similar concept to running a marathon for example in order to raise money for a good cause. Except that we are doing it Yoga Stylee!

I wanted to share an article I found on a website called It will give you more information about what is going to happen this weekend:

*In most cases of sex trafficking, young girls, and even young boys are forced into slave labor at a very young age. Most girls haven’t even started their cycles. (Believe it or not, some are even as young as 4 years old) Usually forced means that a family member has sold off their daughter due to a family debt of some sort, in which the enslaved will never be able to pay back. These young girls endure torture,violence, and are most likely traumatized for the rest of their lives.

Could you put yourself in someone else shoes for a moment and even begin to imagine what the rest of your life would be like to survive something like this?
This particular type of sex trafficking may not be something that most people in the West are faced with day to day, but it is happening in different parts of the world, and it is a reality for many. And if you open your eyes you might even find that this kind of abuse is happening here in different manifestations of violence and greed.

I truly believe that when our planet is suffering, in some way we suffer too. How can WE live in peace knowing that there are other beings suffering out there?

There are many ways that we can contribute to making this planet a more peaceful place to live in. Practicing Yoga is great. We feel good inside and other people can sense that, and it makes them feel good too. Why don’t we take that to another level and reach even more people?!
We practice and work out “shit” on the mat, so that when we get out there into the real world, we can put everything into perspective, right?! Being peaceful and happy doesn’t mean much if we’re not sharing the joy.

And many times we often forget that we are all connected, and that an action and even a thought alone creates a ripple effect that will affect someone or something on this planet.

As a conscious human being, I believe that we have a responsibility to help make this planet a better place for all of us to live on. Ultimately we are here together. Let us each do our part, whether its joining a fundraiser, or practicing Yoga, planting a garden, creating community etc. Never underestimate the power within to create positive change, and to make our dreams and desires into a reality. We have come here to this earthly existence to do exactly that, and this is the perfect place where it all happens!!

I look forward to seeing some of you at the 108 Sun Salutation Fundraiser this weekend!

*May all beings suffer less, and may we all be at peace. May in some way our own thoughts, words, and actions contribute to the happiness and freedom for all beings.

Lokah Samstha Sukhino Bhavatu
Hari Om

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