Upcoming Workshops in September

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Kitcheree and Ghee Making Day!

When: Sunday September 18th 
Time: 1-3pm
Where: Shelby’s House aka La Casa de Maripossa’s
Cost: Donation of $3-5 and bring a vegetable to share!

As we journey through the different cycles and seasons of nature, we notice that as one form fades, it spirals and shifts into another. And there is always a period of time that eventually transitions us into that next step. *Just as a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly, it must first rest and fully develop itself before it is ready to bloom into its new world.

Just as nature is constantly changing and shifting, so are we!

With that said, our beauty-full sun bathing days(pitta season) are slowing transitioning towards autumn (vata season) where leaves change hues and fall from trees. Temperatures will change, our bodies and minds will also change.

According to Ayurveda, these transitional periods are very important as they prepare the being into the next cycle of life.
Seasons shifting from summer to fall, and winter to spring, is considered one of the best times to detox from accumulated wastes, allowing us to move with ease into the new seasons.
One way to prepare, is through our diet!

* I invite you to learn how to make KITCHEREE!!!! ( Detox/Rejuvenating food made of basmati rice, spices used according to your dosa, and mung dhal)

*Great food for cleaning out kidney, colon, and digestive organs when food is not being digested properly, and as general cleanse.

*Gives plenty of nourishment, yet light ( easily digestible) for the body assisting it towards detox, and rest.

*Easy to make!

**We will also be making clarified butter ( GHEE) and using it for our kitcheree!!! ( learn benefits of eating ghee)

**3-5$ donation ( for ingredients), and bring a vegetable to share!

(10 person limit so please RSVP to confirm by emailing me at trailmix2727@yahoo.com.
*If you want to bring someone i havent invited please let me know!

For more info email me please!!!
Look forward to seeing you there!!!

Yeah!!!! Field Trip to the Korean Sauna!

When: Saturday September 24th
Time: 12-3
Where: Imperial Spa, 8251 Garden Grove Blvd, Garden Grove, Ca
Cost: $15 Entrance fee for all sauna room access, $10-15 Donation for Awakening Yoga Fund so I can continue to serve the community and follow my highest intentions.

While we sweat our toxins from the last season, and into the new season Fall, we will learn how to Do It Yourself Ayurvedic Bliss Therapy Techniques!!!!
No better way to love and heal your~self and those around you than the gift of self body massage!

And if you’ve never experienced the korean saunas, and a scrub down by some hard-core “ajumas” ( korean ladies) a form of dry brushing to rid dead skin cells, promote circulation, and reduce kapha, well here’s your chance!!!!

We will go over the various forms of Ayurvedic Body Bliss Therapies for cleansing, and nourishing the body and mind.
These amazing treatments will include:

*Abhyanga Self-Massage~hands on application and benefits of different types of oils for each of the dosas.

*dry brushing (you can also receive a treatment from the spa for an additional 35$)

*svedhana ( sweating) benefits and proper use of hydrotherapy and which types are appropriate for each dosa.

(($15 to get in for general use of sauna and steam rooms))

(($10-15 Donation for the Awakening Yogi Fund. So I may continue to serve All, and follow my highest intentions))

**Oils included

**Must be comfortable with nudity, as it is required for the bath house. Woman and Men are separate.

**Bring snacks if you’d like, also restaurant inside.

**Woman Only

****Meeting spot and directions will be posted in a message a week prior to the date of.

(((You will take home practical tools to cultivate more healing and love for your self on a daily basis. These are power full tools and Will create transformations from the outside in!!! )))

***Contact me to reserve space!


And once again I’m off for another trip to Northern California to continue my studies in Ayurveda and Pancha Karma ( Ayurvedic Detox Therapies) The decision was last minute! But honestly  I couldn’t see myself waiting another year to do this course! I felt a strong pull for me to complete this now, and arm myself with more tools to help people out there that NEED these therapies!!!!

I personally have experienced the benefits of Basti ( one type of oleation therapy and/or herbal water decoction  for the colon ( seat of vata) which is administered through an enema bag. The effects of Basti have been profound!! Upon my return I will share more of my personal experiences and update this page with Benefits of Basti and other Pancha Karma Therapies!!

Until then, Join me in my September Workshops that will ease us into the new Fall/Vata Season! One of the best times to start a detox/cleansing program!!!! 
These workshops hold a wealth of knowledge from Ayurvedic and Eastern Medicine backgrounds. Practices that have been carried on from generations and generations. Honestly, they are priceless info that you will be able to take with you, for a lifetime!  

In Loving Light, 

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