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Womb Health: Reusable Pads, Lactation Pads, DIVA CUPS and Sea Sponge Tampons

July 5, 2012 0 Comments

We bleed each month as our bodies way of cleansing and rejuvenating itself, making room for a potential home. Our womb is where our creativity and inspiration flow, and we must care for it, just as we would a plant or a wound.

There hasn’t been a lot of health and environmental information out there about using tampons and pads, except that they are convenient and easy. If you are using commercial pads and tampons, then there are a few things that you should know!

*Toxic chemicals in tampons:Dioxin and Rayon– Dioxin is a highly toxic chemical used in the process of bleaching rayon a fibrous and absorbant material, and the long-term health and environmental impact of these ingredients is contentious and largely unknown. *Some say that exposure to it is said to cause reproductive disorders and Toxic Shock Syndrome. Rayon is also reported to cause excessive dryness, and ulcerations in the vagina that can possibly lead to T. S. S.

*Environmental statistics

*Approximately 20 billion pads, tampons and applicators are sent to North American landfills annually.
*In 1991, the Landbank Consultancy report reviewed the environmental impact of disposable diapers and concluded that compared to cloth diapers, throwaway diapers used 20 times more raw materials, three times more energy and twice as much water; overall they generated 60 times more waste . Disposable menstrual pads are made from substantially equivalent materials and ingredients as disposable diapers.


*You save $$$– No better reason than that, right?! And they last longer! You can reuse a moon pad for up to 5 years, whereas disposable ones you have to throw out every time you use it.

* More comfort– Believe it or not, they are WAY more comfortable than sticky plastic pads, and are not that hard to use. They also restore the natural flow downwards instead of plugging and drying you up like those commercial tampons.
DIVA CUPS are easy to clean and reuse, as well as the sea sponges. Cloth pads take longer maintenance time, but are worth it in the long run!

*Reconnecting with our womb– Might not sound so convincing, but our moon time teaches us to slow down and listen to our body. When we don’t this creates havoc on our bodies and hormones and in the long run, can burn us out and make us feel depleted. PMS and other hormonal imbalances may develop or worsen and this creates more stress for the wombyn.
Take the time to slow down and nurture yourself, you deserve it!

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If you are interested in any of these natural care products, feel free to contact me at awakeningyogi@gmail.com or at 562 338 5255.

Cloth pads-$8

Diva cup- $43

Sea Sponges-$7

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