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As usual I have many projects going on at once!! Which is always fun!!! Right now I have been working on creating a zine to go along with my moon pads and monthly full moon hikes. This zine was created with the intention to raise awareness about wombyn’s bodies and how they are intimately connected with the different cycles of the moon. At the very end of the zine you will find a chart where you can follow your own menstrual cycle in relation to the moon.

Earlier this evening, Renee Tello Spencer ( who I’ve been collaborating with on the moon pads project) and I made little packages of eye pillows and Reusable pads stuffed in cute little boxes to sell for our upcoming events. This would be a great zine to go along with your kit!!! Especially for young girls coming into their moon cycle! They need this kind of education!!! Especially in schools!! I’m pretty sure they’re not teaching this kinda stuff to young girls in middle school. The only thing they are learning is to stuff their bodies with birth control pills! There is another way!!!

We’re also going to be selling kits and pads at the Everyday Zen Relaxation Studio in Bixby Knolls Long Beach. We’re also planning to carry some at Native Sol in Downtown Long Beach. We need to start making more pads!!!

We’ve also started making Lactation pads for mama’s who are breastfeeding. We are selling a pair for $5.

A special shout out to my little sister Kathie Ahn for making the cover page for the zine.Thank You!!! Tomorrow I will go to Kinko’s and put the whole zine together for printing and packaging. I  love it when I can finish my projects! It is so full-filling! And I wouldn’t have been able to do it all if it wasn’t for all the help that I get! Thanks Ladies! And thank you again for all the womb-moon for the inspiration to continue doing what I love doing!!!

If you want a zine, contact me!!! Or find me at my next event and I will have one on me!!!

Much Love to you all!!!

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