Conscious Awakening is about THRIVING & LIVING at your HIGHEST POTENTIAL.  Jenny explores SELF healing, Planetary Healing, and the Healing of the Collective Consciousness  through A y u r v e d a  and Y o g a, as well as other transformational healing modalities presented by various experts and individuals dedicated to raising the vibration and consciousness of our planet. Join us and BE inspired as you take a leap towards CLAIMING YOUR GREATNESS!

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Cayce Howe has studied and practiced meditation for over 20 years. He has lived for over 5 years at meditation retreat centers and has had the privilege to be taught by some of the world’s most renowned meditation masters. Cayce deepened his experiential understanding considerably by completing a 1-year closed retreat in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition.

In this interview, Cayce shares with us:
Insightful tools to gain a deeper understanding in the practice of mindfulness meditation, benefits of leading research on mindfulness meditation and how practicing can help reduce stress and cultivate more awareness of ones emotions and environment, 10 minute meditation to help you gain a sense of center and stillness, and more!

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Interview with Vincent Koeller, Licensed Acupuncturist and Yoga Instructor: “My dream is to guide our local community in providing alternative medicine by treating the body as a whole. As the years have passed, I’ve always found myself wanting to help others around me. Studying Chinese medicine has allowed me to bring this truth to life with acupuncture, herbal medicine, massage, and lifestyle cultivation by means of wholistic medicine.” Vincent Koeller LAc.

Topic: Chinese medicine, tonic herbs, building immunity, lifestyle and diet management, holistic healing therapies, yoga for strengthening the immune system.

For more info on Vince and his offerings, check out his website at www.vincentkoeller.com

Join us in this wonderful discussion with Ayurvedic Beauty Specialist Anita Sundaram from Rasa Bhava Beauty and Satyam Healing Arts. Prior to starting her own business, Anita was a founding member of Aveda, a Luxury Spa Company for the last 20 years. Currently you can find Anita teaching Yoga Teacher Trainings all over the globe and running her own spa company in her home town in Seal Beach.

Learn from ancient wisdom and secrets to beautifying your skin: Herbals teas, facial tonics, seasonal remedies for challenging skin, hair treatments for balding and early greying

Join me in this mini discussion with Isabel Castro, Ayurvedic Practitioner specializing in Digestion for Women’s Health, Herbalist, Nature Lover, and Tea addict on how to Balance Digestion through the Holidays. Topic Highlights: Food Combining at Potlucks, Tips for strengthening your digestive potency, herbal teas for increasing metabolism, Yoga and meditation to increase agni Note: In the intro I said, ” when I HAVE to go to parties…” I meant when I choose…I believe we always have a choice!!!

Interview on Daily Rituals and Soul Nourishment with: Shelby Sanchez Creative Marketing Muse + Earth Conscious Inspirer at Dream Inspired Design and Living the Beauty Way Shelby is here to guide you to connect with your spirit and create a life and business that expresses it. Her specialty is Business Development and Internet Marketing. She has 9 years of professional experience consulting for innovators, visionaries, and entrepreneurs. She is a passionate creative strategist and enjoys helping creative and inspiring ideas come to life through actionable steps that are in harmony with the earth. She helps identify tools to assist you and your business to ground and actualize your dreams. At her core essence she is a muse inviting you into your highest expression for the benefit of all.

Topic: Daily Rituals, Soul Nourishment, Breaking old patterns, Sun gazing, Meditation, Yoga, creating new habits, self care rituals, healing water


Lynda Arnold is a seasoned Multi-instrumentalist, Music Producer, Educator and Performer with multiple music releases on a variety of international labels including on her own independent label. Her music is an eclectic brand of ethereal electronic songs and chill instrumentals released under her moniker, ‘Divasonic.’ She recently released her first meditation album featuring her Tibetan Bowls called ‘Tibetan Bowl Meditations.’

She has taught in post-secondary Audio Production schools and enjoyed a thriving private practice of music students throughout her career. Her journey into Sound Healing is yet another extension of finding her own well-being and spirit through music and sound. In turn, she intends to provide a gateway for others to transform and heal through sound as well.www.divasonic.com

Topic: Sound healing as therapeutic, how can sound healing benefit you, types of sound healing modalities, Emasuru Emoto


Join Jenny as she shares her knowledge on Ayurvedic detoxification. As the seasons change, our bodies are naturally shedding the accumulation of heat from the previous seasons. Detoxification helps to facilitate the process of rejuvenation, and creates a space so overall health and wellbeing.

Benefits of Detoxification:

-Eliminates toxins and toxic conditions from your body and mind
-Restores your constitutional balance improving health and wellness
-Strengthens your immune system so that you become more resistant to illness.
-Reverses the negative effects of stress on your body and mind, thereby slowing the aging process.
-Enhances your strength, energy, vitality, confidence and mental clarity.
-Helps you to reset old diet and lifestyle patterns so that you can create newer and healthier ones.
-Provides a great time to go inwards and slow down.

*Learn how Ayurveda, a brother sister science of healing to Yoga approaches the detoxification process and how particular foods and therapies are used to promote healing and longevity


Join me in this interview with Holistic designer, Feng Shui Specialist, and Cultural Anthropologist, Stephanie Karlik as we explore the world of design and holistic living. Learn how to create Sacred Space at home, work, and wherever you spend most of your time. Learn about the art of decluttering, and learn about how you can bring in the 5 elements of nature into your living spaces to create balance and harmony in your life!

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