2012-12-19 15.16.32What students have said about Jenny’s Yoga Classes:

I have taken a ton yoga classes around the globe but I always look forward to coming home and taking Jenny’s yoga class. When I found Jenny and her yoga my life got better and I became happier and healthier. Her presence is always uplifting, her practical and intuitive advice about diet and lifestyle is a lifesaver considering how much I travel, and her hands on instruction has taken me further than other teachers in understanding my body and it’s ability to recover from injury and thrive in all areas of my life. I cannot say enough good things about Jenny… she’s simply amazing!”
– Dr. Kristin B. PsyD

A yoga class with Jenny is a transformative experience. She is an instructor who works with awareness and believes in allowing the body to make subtle changes with gentle adjustments. With a background in dance, running and hyper-mobile joints and injuries, I respond positively to the ease of Jenny’s instruction and guidance. Each class is different; she incorporates spiritual elements, chants, musical guests, aromatherapy and individual attention. Hope to see you in class.”
– Leora F. Massage Therapist

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere are certain events and people in your life you know that they will have a long lasting effect and influence in your life. This is how I felt when I met Jenny for the first time 3 years ago in her yoga class. Her tranquility in combination with having an eye on detail on my practice took me deeper than I could have ever expected. It was in her class that I finally learned correct ways of doing my chaturanga. She corrected my poses without feeling discouraged and inadequate.I always left her classes with more clarity, an open heart, and with overflowing joy!”
– Elham L. Science Engineer

“Thank you! I really enjoyed Jenny’s class. It is the best class I have taken in So Cal since I moved a few years back and stopped studying with a Iyengar trained teacher, who had studied with Mr. Iyengar himself. ” -Eria L. Student from Free Spirit Yoga


Ayurvedic Healing Therapies

Ever since I was young seasonal allergies symptoms like red eyes, sinus pressure, and a stuffy nose would always come after sudden changes in the weather. With a series of Jenny’s nasya treatments my eyes became clearer, my nose began to open and mind much calmer. She also gave me some basic dietary advice, breathing exercises to practice daily and since then I have noticed a decrease in the flare ups intensity and duration. Thank you Jenny for the path you’ve chosen!” Vincent K. L.Ac.

“I have been getting Ayurvedic marma therapy and massage from Jenny Ahn and she is superb.   My muscle tension was greatly relieved after the session and I felt so relaxed.   Jenny is very gentle, versatile in the way she works and i have complete confidence under her care. ” -Lien P.  

Ayurvedic Consultations

Jenny is the best! She’s been my guide to better health for the last couple years. What sets Jenny apart is her ability to intuitively connect with her clients. It’s uncanny how she’s able to pick up issues I’m having long before I’m even aware of them. Sometimes it feels like she knows me better than I know myself! She’s also patient and accommodating and will always meet you where you’re at. Jenny understands how challenging it can be to change old habits and adopt new ones and she is always willing to provide you with as many baby steps as you need. Whenever I leave my consultation with Jenny, I feel supported, rejuvenated, and inspired to take care of myself and work towards being at my optimum. I am so grateful for Jenny’s guidance and I don’t know where I’d be without her!” Shannon R. Non profit organizer

“The Ayurvedic cleanse and detox has improved my eyesight, colors are so much brighter, my energy is high, my mind and thoughts are clearer, and my skin feels great!! Thanks to my sister Jenny for supporting and motivating me  for me the last few days because stuff was definitely  coming up for me. Thank you!” Kathie A. Yoga Instructor


Postpartum Care

Jenny was so essential in my speedy recovery after birthing my beautiful daughter, Goldie. I feel so blessed to have been under her care in the first few delicate days postpartum. One of Jenny’s massages, after having gone through my first pregnancy and birthing experience, was one of the most blissful experiences of my life! I felt like an entirely different human being after. So restored. Her knowledge and care were invaluable to myself and my family. I feel very fortunate to have had her in my life during such an important period. I highly, highly recommend Jenny!” Eileen T. First time mother

“Jenny was my lifesaver during a very unexpected difficult time. With the services Jenny had to offer I was able to heal physically and mentally much sooner than I’m sure I would have without her. Jenny gave me a sense of peace no one else could due to her knowledge, experience, and gifted spirit.” Caitlin M. First time mother.

“Thank you so much for all you did to help me postpartum! Seeing you was a highlight and refuge in my day. I am so grateful to have had your caring spirit in my life at such a crucial point.” Natalie A. Pharmaceutical Rep

“I loved not having to worry about preparing food for myself that was balancing for the postpartum vata period. It was so easy to have food on hand that I could just warm up anytime I was hungry. This made life so much easier, especially with a toddler and newborn. Also, I feel like just having Jenny there several days a week was nice company. I could share what I was struggling with and get her feedback so I didn’t feel so alone, even when my husband was at work.” Renee S. Mother of 2


“Such a loving, gentle touch. It felt so great. If I had that kind of body care regularly, I would be in perfect health. I recovered from this pregnancy feeling better than I have ever felt…more energy and much happier.” Renee S.